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SAS Consolidated 2016 Program

Sofema Aviation Services delivers open training sessions in various countries and regions. Please see our forthcoming courses section for more details.

SAS World Beating Discount Program

Most competitive Discount Program currently available for EASA compliant regulatory training.


Please visit our library to download free of charge relevant documents and supporting materials.

Technical & Support Documentation

Please visit our Technical & Support Documentation area to download chargeable documents and templates free of copyright.

Online Courses

EASA Online is a service provided by Sofema Aviation Services devoted to the effective delivery of EASA compliant online training.

Case Studies

Please visit our Case Studies to see how SAS has been able to provide technical support to our growing customer base.

SAS Latest Newsletter

Please click Here to see our latest newsletter.

Welcome to Sofema Aviation Services

Sofema Aviation Services

Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) launched in 2008 with the goal of becoming a leading provider of Regulatory and Vocational training across a broad spectrum of EASA regulations.

New Competitive Prices

Effective June 1st 2016 Sofema Aviation Services offers a range of new lower prices for all our open training courses.

As we approach 250 available courses we strive to offer the best possible support in a real and practical way. Please see what our Customers say about us here

Together with our “all year round” world – beating Multi Delegate & Multi Attendance discount program we offer not only highly competitive prices, our focus is on the need for the delivery of training to the highest possible standards. See our discount program here

Instructional Background and Experience

Our Instructional Team is passionate, knowledgeable, experienced with a focus on effective delivery of interesting and relevant training to an adult audience.

With more than 40 years of commercial aviation experience behind us we are focused on a genuine desire to support a real understanding at organisational level of the opportunities to optimize the business in the most practical way.

Active across several continents SAS provides a clear understanding of the regulatory environment and acts as enablers to help organisations focus on organisational performance with the understanding that Regulatory Compliance is a step on the journey and not the destination.

Contact SAS Now!

Please contact for further information regarding any of our training courses or services.