Considering Aircraft Base Maintenance – Hangar & Equipment & Tooling Requirements

Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) looks at the various requirements to meet with “minimum” Base Maintenance Requirements both related to Regulatory Compliance and Organisational Best Practices

Physical Access for the Aircraft to the Hangar / Engine Run Area

The Aircraft access route to the Hangar should remain clean and free from Debris & FOD.

An Engine Run Area is required for Idle and Low-power Runs.

Hangar Doors

Hangar Doors should be serviceable and be easy to manage – ideally with electric operation with manual back up.

Hangar Environment

Heating / Conditioning as required to optimise a working temperature.

Hangar Lighting should be adequate to enable normal activities to be carried out at any time of the day.

Basic Hangar Facilities – Required to Support Base Maintenance

  • Aircraft Electric Supply 115V 3 Phase
  • Aircraft Pneumatic Supply – Running Air – Conditioning Packs & Motoring Engines
  • Aircraft Hydraulic Supply – Landing Gear & Flap System Operation
  • Compressed Air Required to Support Tooling for Sheet Metal Work and Repairs
  • An Open Area Designated as a Cleaning Bay to allow “Degreasing” and detailed cleaning of Components & Parts
  • Canteen – Lunch Area with Vending Machines / Hot Water Facilities – Washing Facilities and Fridges for Workers to keep personal Food etc.

Primary Equipment to Support General Activities

  • Landing Gear Retractions – Main Jacks required
  • Engine Change – Change Kit Required (Spare Engine Stand Required – For Temporary Storage
  • Fuel Tank Access – Purging Equipment / Breathing Equipment
  • General Inspection – Access to all parts of the aircraft for physical inspection (GVI requires Inspection within Touching Distance)
  • Overhead Inspector Harness Support System
  • Lighting Systems to enable adequate Inspection and work to progress with Aircraft Electrical Power “off”
  • Domestic Electrical Extensions (Water Proof) for use on the Hangar Floor
  • Sufficient Access Equipment & Stands to enable removal / refit of Control Surfaces / Flaps Aileron / Elevator etc.

Hangar Health & Safety Requirements

  • Adequate Fire Extinguishers (Not Dry Powder) – Clearly Identified
  • First Aid Stations
  • Emergency Eye Wash Station
  • Trained First Aiders – First Responders
  • Trained Fire Marshalls

Hangar General Storage Stands required for:

  • Temporary Storage of Removed Component
  • Temporary Storage of Removed Panels – Sufficient in number to hold the various removed panels to facilitate a C1 – C2 Check

Administrative Control

  • Production Control Office with Check Pack & Documentation Control
  • Access to Approved Data for Maintenance Staff
  • Meeting Room to support Progress Meetings / Review and Study Area
  • Customer Representative Office
  • Quality Assurance / Control Office

Next Steps

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