Aviation and Maintenance Human Factors (Initial) – 2 Days –Bucharest, Romania

Course Details Summary

Title of Course Aviation and Maintenance Human Factors (Initial) – 2 Days

Duration – The course will run from 9 am to 5 pm from March 16th until March 17th 2020

Latest Course Confirmation Deadline – 02.03.2020 (10 Business Days from Delivery)
Please Note – Provisional Delegates will be informed as soon as the minimum attendance number is reached

Location of the Course – RAS Facilities, OTP Airport, Bucharest

Course Fee – For 1 person 645 USD (2 Persons Discount 15% Each – 3 Persons Discount 25% Each)

Course Fee includes – Registration, materials, coffee breaks and lunch break, Certificate on completion of the training

Examination Included - No

Certificates Issued for the Course – Presentation Certificate YES / Certificate with Detailed Wording YES

Certificate Wording - The Application of Human Factors and Human Performance Issues and Principles in Aviation. To Raise Awareness of All Organisational Elements which Deliver a Safe Working Environment, Free from Errors. Considering Human Factors in Our Own Lives and the Role We Play in the Workplace. “IAW EASA GM1 145.A.30(e)”

Training Material Language – English Delivered by English Speaking Instructor

Travel Arrangements – Client to Arrange own Transport

Hotel Accommodation – Client to arrange own accommodation


People are at the core of our aviation system and the need to remain aware of the potential for human error driven exposure is ever present.

We must strive to ensure we are able to deliver a strong human performance to protect both the person and the system.

Today 80% of Aircraft Accidents and incidents are caused by Human Factor errors. Whether it is pilot error, maintenance error or Air traffic Control or other ground related causal factors, ultimately does not matter human error is human error.

So we know about the importance of Aviation Human Factors Training, but how to make a difference?

There is a deep understanding of the various causes of error after the event, the challenge is to understand before we have an incident or accident the risks and exposures which the organization faces.

We need to effectively manage human factors within the organization, to do so we need to address the risks and exposures, all threats need to be understood and mitigation put into place to address them.

The course is a highly participative and stimulates involvement and provides for powerful HF motivation and awareness. The aim is to give delegates a full introduction to Aircraft Maintenance Human Factors.

The course meets the full intent of EASA 145 requirements (Initial human factors training should cover all the topics of the training syllabus specified in GM 145.A.30 (e))

The training will introduce the delegates to all elements of Aviation Human Factors with the intention of providing a better understanding of the subject and to find workable methods to improve standards and compliance. It’s objectives are to recurrent the implications of error, the organisation’s safety culture, its procedures and safety policy and methods of communication.

Who is this training for?

For anyone who wishes to engage with the aviation maintenance system or who has an organisational obligation to ensure completion of Initial Human Factors Training.

The training will also be of benefit for anyone who needs to understand, manage and support the need to fully engage with human interaction within the organisation.

What is the Benefit of this Training – What will I learn?

Be able to demonstrate compliance with EASA Part 145 A.30 Human Factor Training Requirements

Achieve an in depth understanding regarding basic Aviation Human Factors concepts

Be able to consider Human Factors knowledge and integrate into key areas of aviation maintenance

Familiarise with key human performance issues relevant to Maintenance Operations

Be able to apply operational Human Factors knowledge to maintenance error investigations

Achieve a strong Understanding of Human Factor Principles

Be able to consider human performance limitations as well as the potential impact on the daily routine

Why Should I choose SAS for the training?

Sofema Aviation Services is a Regulatory Training and Consulting company with 45 years of commercial aviation experience and 10 years operational experience. Since the start we have provided certificates to approx 20,000 delegates and we have grown for 2 primary reasons!

The first is that we are professional and we listen to our customers.

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What makes SAS Aviation and Maintenance Human Factors (Initial) – 2 Days Different?

Because our courses are written by people who have lived through the regulations. The author of the training material has more than 25 years’ experience as an auditor across the entire regulatory spectrum.

At Sofema Aviation Services our focus is on accepting that compliance with Regulations is in fact minimum compliance. Interpreting the regulations in a way which enables the development and optimisation of our business is where we should see opportunity to drive efficiencies and cost saving.

Detailed Content / Topics – The following Subjects will be addressed

This course is aimed at:

Day 1

- Abbreviations

- Introduction

- Contents

- Why Do We Have Human Factors Training ?

- Top 12 Precursors

- Error Models

- Landmark Incidents and Accidents – Human Factor Related

- Statistics

- Safety Culture and Organisation Factors

- Types of Violation

- Types of Errors and Strategies

- Human Performance and Limitations

- Information Processing

- Fatigue Risk Management Systems

Day 2

- Sleep Fatigue and Shift work

- Stress – Causes and Symptoms

- Physical & Non – Physical Limitations – Motivation and De-motivation

- Procedures Information and Practices

- Sleep Fatigue and Shift work

- Stress – Causes and Symptoms

- Physical & Non – Physical Limitations – Motivation and De-motivation

- Procedures Information and Practices

Target groups

- Post-holders, managers, supervisors;

- Certifying staff, technicians, and mechanics;

- Technical support personnel such as, planners, engineers, technical record staff;

- Quality control/assurance staff;

- Specialised services staff;

- Human factors staff/ human factors trainers;

- Store department staff, purchasing department staff;

- Ground equipment operators;

- Contract staff in the above categories.


A background in an aviation environment

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to explore the implications of error, the organisation’s safety culture, its procedures and safety policy and methods of communication. The training will give the delegates a better understanding of the subject and to find workable methods to improve standards and compliance.

What do People Say about Sofema Aviation Services Training?

“The instructor used the right words to explain the material.”

“The discussions among the group were very beneficial.”

“The instructor showed very resourceful background and experience.”

“All sections of the course were related to my field.”

“Adequate answers were given to specific questions.”


2 days –The training will commence at 09.00 and finish at 17.00, with appropriate refreshment and breaks.

To register for this training, please email office@sassofia.com or Call +359 28210806

Sofema Aviation Services offers a flexible approach to developing all in-company training courses which are specific to the client’s needs. If you would like additional information concerning how course content may be configured to be more appropriate for your organisation please email office@sassofia.com

Course details:

Start date: March 16, 2020

End date: March 17, 2020

Price: 645 USD

Venue: RAS Facilities, OTP Airport, Bucharest

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Multi Delegate Discount
· For 2 Delegates (or 1 Delegate attending 2 Trainings) we offer 15% Discount for each Delegate
· For 3 Delegates (or 1 Delegate attending 3 Trainings) we offer 25% Discount for each Delegate
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Early Bird Discount
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· For 2 persons, we will add additional 5 %
· For 3 persons, we will add also additional 5 %

The Early Bird Discount Program is applicable for bookings taken and payment received more than 4 weeks before commencement of the training!

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