Aviation Compliance Auditing In an EASA Environment with VO now on a special price of 99 USD

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Aviation Compliance Auditing In an EASA Environment with VO


The Aviation Quality Compliance System should be at the heart of the operation, fully functioning and visible within every department and element of the organisation.

This course delivers a comprehensive understanding of all elements of an Aviation Compliance led Quality Management System (QMS). An effective Compliance Management Process can help to support the organisation in the most meaningful and tangible way. Organisations which can deliver the most effective quality audit system, together with an efficient process to follow up with all identified issues in a practical way, can excel in the delivery of their core products and services.

Such organisations are usually also well placed to react quickly and efficiently to any identified shortfall. This course is designed specifically for all aviation professionals who need to function within an EASA compliant Quality System.


Abbreviations and Terms
EASA Regulatory Requirements for a Compliant Quality System
Airworthiness Principles
The Role of the Compliance Manager
Quality Procedures
Creating an Effective & Compliant Quality System
Managing an Audit Schedule
Post Holder (Nominated Persons) Responsibilities and Relationships
Accidents and Incidents the link to Safety and Human Factors
Auditing Introduction
Auditor Competences

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About this course

Course type: Presentation with voice over
Approximate duration: up to 14 hours training
Category: SMS & Quality
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About Aviation Compliance Auditing in an EASA Environment

This course is written by an EASA auditor with more than 25 years practical experience together with a Voice Over which directly connects you to the material and provides for a practical understanding of the role of the Quality Assurance Auditor.

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