MEMS and MEDA Introduction training delivered in Abu Dhabi

Wajahat Ali Khan – Instructor of Sofema Aviation Services, had the pleasure to deliver MEMS and MEDA Introduction training in Abu Dhabi at the end of February. It took place at Al Bateen Executive Airport. Eleven delegates from 4 different companies attended the session, including Falcon Aviation, Royal Jet etc.

About the Training:

Maintenance Error Management System & MEDA Introduction – 2 Days

This training takes the understanding of the entire MEDA process to a deeper level so that following the training the Delegate will be able to:

a) Develop comprehensive understandings of the MEDA process

b) Understand effective techniques for training your own employees in the implementation of MEDA systems.

c) Undertake Case Study analysis and practice completion of the MEDA Results form and Interview Process

Maintenance Error Decision Aid (MEDA) Training & Workshop is a 2-day industry-specific training aimed at Training, Quality and Safety Personnel who have responsibility for implementing, managing or training Incident and Accident investigation and mitigation processes.

Content of the training:

-Introducing Maintenance Error Management Systems (MEMS)
-Abbreviations & Definitions
-Where is the Link Between Aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS), HF & MEMS
-Challenges To Delivering an Effective MEMS
-Error, Violations, Blame & Culpability
-Understanding Hazard Identification and Risk Management
-Considering Root Cause and Contributing Cause Analysis
-Introduction to Boeing Maintenance Error Decision Aid system
-Detailed understanding of the Boeing Maintenance Error Decision Aid system
-Completing The MEDA Form

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About Sofema Aviation Services

SAS Corporate Focus Promotes Delivery Beyond Compliance – We believe passionately that regulatory compliance is a step on the journey and not the destination.

Active across several continents SAS provides a clear understanding of the regulatory environment and acts as enablers to help organisations focus on organisational performance with the understanding that Regulatory Compliance is a step on the journey and not the destination.

Our Instructional Team is sincere, knowledgeable and experienced with a focus on effective delivery of interesting and relevant training to an adult audience.

Supported by a wealth of knowledge our Instructors are able to focus on a genuine desire to support a real understanding at organisational level of the subject matter.

What did the delegates say about the training session?

“The instructor made sure that everyone was following and understanding him.”
“All my expectations were met.”
“The explanations we received were clear and detailed.”
“The instructor was open to answer any questions.”
“The focus of the attendees was kept throughout the whole training.”
“I am very happy with the experience and definitely would attend another training in the future.”

Sofema Aviation Services and our sister company SofemaOnline provide classroom and online training for regulatory and vocational training fully compliant with EASA requirements.

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