SAS Partner ECA Services granted with approval for Aviation Training Centre

Sofema Aviation Services is pleased to advise that:

ECA Services – Partner of SAS, has been granted


approval for Aviation Training Centre

On 26 th of June 2019 the Bulgarian Civil Aviation Authority granted approval for Aviation Training Centre to ECA Services Ltd (European Cargo and Aviation Services) www.eca-services .eu. With this act, ECA Services was formally approved to deliver both initial and recurrent Aviation Dangerous Goods training for all categories listed in IATA DGR Tables 1.5.A and 1.5.B

ECA Services has fulfilled all national and International standards required to be formally issued an Aviation Training Centre License in accordance with the Civil Aviation act of the Republic of Bulgaria and Ordinance 27 of Ministry of Transport and Communications. ECA Services has been found competent to conduct Aviation Personnel Training for Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air and other basic training.

About ECA Services

“ECA Services” training focuses on a positive change of attitude to safety at both personal and organisational level and we’re passionate about the importance of taking participants level of practical skills, competence and knowledge beyond that which the regulations stipulate and industry best practices recommend.

The reception of the ATC License is a major milestone in the development of the company business strategy.

ECA Services intention is to work hard in order to become a leader in the delivery of training in the area of transport of special cargo and dangerous goods by air and to achieve 100% customer satisfaction for all product including training delivery and study materials. Each training is carefully designed to the highest industry standards, ensuring real and tangible learning outcomes are achieved.

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