SAS successfully delivered EASA Part 145 / GCAA CAR 145 Production Planning to Metrojet Limited staff

Kevin Rookes – instructor of Sofema Aviation Services had the pleasure to deliver EASA Part 145 / GCAA CAR 145 Production Planning training to Metrojet Limited staff.

The Training session started in July 4th and finished in July 7th Novotel Citygate, Hong Kong. Ten delegates attended the 3 day training course of EASA Part 145 / GCAA CAR 145 production planning.

About the Training Course

This ​4 day intensive course is specifically designed for people with a direct involvement in Part 145 / CAR 145 Planning functions whether in a Management Supervisory or Administrative role.

It will also be of benefit to Quality Audit Staff and persons who normally work within the Part M CAMO environment.​ This Training introduces the delegate to the basics of the EASA 145 / GCAA CAR Production Planning Process and considers the elements which are involved to deliver an effective Production Planning System.

The following Subjects were addressed:

- Abbreviations
- Aircraft Maintenance Planning Introduction
- Regulatory Overview
- The Basics of Production Planning – Bringing together the key elements
- Contract & Subcontract Management
- Understanding the Quality Control Process in Production Planning
- Aviation Quality & Safety Systems Pt 145 Introduction
- Understanding and Managing Competencies in a Part 145 Environment (How do we define Competence?)
- EASA Compliant Aircraft Maintenance Program – Review
- The Basics of Maintenance Planning-The Approved Maintenance Program
- Understanding the generation of the Work Package-Task Packaging
- Optimizing the performance of the Part 145- Production Planning makes the difference
- Critical Path Analysis
- Accidents and Incidents the link to Safety – Human Factors and Production Planning
- The Role of SMS in Production Planning
- 145.A.40 Equipment, Tools and Material –How to manage and control –challenges and issues
- 145.A.42 Acceptance of Components –What are the responsibilities of the Supplies Department & What are the responsibilities of the Certifying Staff –Configuration Control & STC Issuers
- 145.A.45 Maintenance Data –How to Manage & Control Data –what are the user responsibilities, internal reporting obligations.
- 145.A.47 Production Planning Consider Roles Responsibilities and Challenges –Communication Support & Efficient Planning Processes

See the full content of the training here

About SAS

Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) has built up a genuine reputation for effective consultancy and support together with motivational training which educates and inspires all our delegates with a training program which includes:

- European Aviation Safety Agency EASA
- Federal Airworthiness Authority FAA
- Gulf Civil Aviation Authority GCAA
- Overseas Territory Regulations OTR

Behind Sofema Aviation Services we have over 40 Years industry experience to call on, we are able to help you develop the most appropriate outcomes for your organization. We understand the importance of helping organisations to meet the challenge of managing competence, we work to develop a positive safety culture and deliver improved business performance. Our primary focus is on delivering quality assured support and training services.

About Metrojet Limited

Metrojet is a Hong Kong provider of business aviation services and provides a range of services, including aircraft management, aircraft charter, aircraft maintenance, aircraft co-ownership, pre-buy inspection, aircraft registration, crew management and regulatory compliance.

Metrojet has a regional presence with satellite maintenance base in Clark, The Philippines. The company has also established a joint venture with India-based Taj Air to form TajAir Metrojet Aviation in Mumbai, India, and a joint venture with China-based Hanxing General Aviation Co. Ltd. to form Metrojet Hanxing Zhuhai in Zhuhai International Airport.

Metrojet is a US FAA Certified Repair Station, Hong Kong CAD 145 Maintenance Organization, and Metrojet has numerous approvals from other countries, including aircraft registered in China, Macau, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Canada, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and Isle of Man.

What the delegates said about the training:

“The Instructor let us to discuss and give us recommendation”

“He shared his experience in related topic”

“Thorough coverage of course materials”

“The instructor shared more information and experience”

“He Listen to us and share his opinion”

“Trainer’s English is easy to understand”

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