Sofema Aviation Services offers ETOPS (Extended Operations) or EDTO (Extended Diversion Time Operations) – Includes Customer AC (A320)

Sofema Aviation Services ( is pleased to offer as part of our growing portfolio of EASA compliant operational & vocational training courses a new 2-day course:

ETOPS (Extended Operations) or EDTO (Extended Diversion Time Operations) – Includes Customer AC (A320)

What the training is about:

ICAO Requirements for Extended Range Twin-engine Operations (ETOPS) have been in place since 1985, when they were introduced to apply an overall level of operational safety for twin-engined aeroplanes which was consistent with that of the modern three and four-engined aeroplanes then flying, to which no restrictions were applied. The course has been specifically designed to provide personnel with a thorough overview of ETOPS fundamentals, focusing on key topics and concepts.

This course is split into 2 days with the first day focused on technical aspects and the second day focused on the practical implementation within the organisations own processes related to Airbus A320.

Why should you attend?

The delegates will have the chance to:

a) Understand the regulatory requirements to control and manage all ETOPS certification & maintenance related elements

b) Be able to Implement Quality Control Process and Procedures related to ETOPS & Maintenance OPS

c) Understand the requirements related to Quality & Safety organisational obligations including Quality Assurance (QA) & Quality Control (QC)

d) Communicate ETOPS requirements and Motivate staff to ensure effective ETOPS system performance

Subjects covered during the training include:

  • Introduction to ETOPS Operations
  • ETOPS legislation and emergency procedures.
  • The different ETOPS ratings and what they mean for aviation.
  • EDTO, and how it relates to ETOPS. transitioning from ETOPS to EDTO.
  • Operator reliability and related problems
  • Configuration maintenance and procedures (CMP) documents
  • Operator & Maintenance Procedures
  • Operator Approval Consideration
  • Operators ETOPS Manual
  • A320 ETOPS Maintenance
  • A320 Verification Program After Maintenance
  • ETOPS Service Check

and more

Why Should I choose Sofema Aviation Services for the training?

Sofema Aviation Services a Regulatory training and consulting company with 45 years of commercial aviation experience and 10 years of operational experience. Since we started we have provided certificates to approx 15,000 delegates we have grown for 2 primary reasons!
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What do People Say about Sofema Aviation Services Training?

“This training offers very good explanations of difficult topics.”
“All aspect were useful, the examples were great.”
“This training helped me to develop some new skills.”
“The instructor is very resourceful and intelligent.”
“Having a visual material helps a lot the learning process.”

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