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ISO 9001-2015 Compliant, EASA Regulatory Training and Consulting Organisation

Sofema Aviation Services - Knowledge Delivered – Beyond Compliance

Benefiting from a Broad Industry Experience to Provide you with:

Practical and Relevant Regulatory Training

Competence Building Knowledge & Understanding

Support & Guidance for Effective Optimization & Management of Risk

SAS Commenced in 2008

Client Focused

  • Regulatory Compliant & Vocational Training.
  • Practically Focused – Recurrent & Regulatory Updates

Offering over 45 Years of Commercial Aviation Experience.

  • Customer Furnished Outcomes Delivered
  • Shared Professionalism & Expertise

SAS has a growing portfolio in a specific market

  • Our Customers become our “Partners”
  • Training Partners receive preferential discounts & services – See SAS PTP
  • Grow Genuine Passion for Customer Satisfaction & Building a Better Business

Sofema Aviation Services www.sassofia.com and Sofema Online www.sofemaonline.com are United by our Core Ideology.


The essence of our organization is encapsulated in our core ideology, comprising fundamental values and purposes that guide all operational activities. It’s crucial for our team not only to articulate and understand these core ideologies but to embody them in our daily tasks and decisions.

  1. We are committed to delivering customer satisfaction with cost-effective solutions, prioritizing client needs and creating tailored strategies to meet their objectives. Our enthusiasm drives us to surpass expectations and strive for excellence.
  2. Ethical conduct, clear communication, and fairness are paramount in our interactions, establishing a foundation of professionalism and integrity. Trust is key to a positive work environment and strong client relationships, influencing our operational and management strategies.
  3. We focus on growth for both employees and clients, offering resources for their progress and success. This framework guides Sofema Aviation Services and Sofema Online, reinforcing our dedication to excellence, innovation, and partnership.

Our Quality Policy

ISO Certificate 9001:2015

ARTSA Certificate

Our Vision

To Deliver Practical Understanding of Regulatory Obligations.

To share that Regulatory Compliance is a step on the Organization’s Journey.

To Maximize Delivery & Minimize Client Cost

To Support Organizational Excellence.

Our Values

We are committed to contributing positively to our society and to a sustainable future.

We grow if we are genuine & achieve client satisfaction.

We believe “Safety in Aviation is Paramount”


To do what we say we will


Working as a Team to Achieve Together


To Create Possibilities


We believe in what we do and the value we add.

Sofema Aviation Services Team

Our Team

Steven Bentley

CEO & Managing Director

Starting his aviation career in 1971 Steve has over 50 years experience in commercial aviation, including more than 12 years in the airworthiness department of Virgin Atlantic a major UK international airline. In 2022 Steve became a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.  When he is not involved in aviation his major interest is economics in business. Steve has an in depth knowledge of the EASA regulatory structure, is a competent trainer with a huge portfolio of subjects including both aviation operations and maintenance disciplines, he is a trained ISO 9000 lead auditor, as well as IOSA trained. With decades of practical experience he has the ability to support the development of working solutions to many organisational challenges which we face within the operational and maintenance environment. Steve continues to support the development of EASA Regulatory compliant and vocational training and is responsible to oversee more than 650 different courses.

Ilija Vodasov

Operations Director

+359 884 259 819


Ilija has being working for Sofema Aviation Services for 14 years. Initially working as a technical administrator, Ilija has an excellent understanding of MRO software systems and the requirements associated with EASA regulatory training. Ilija focuses on service delivery to ensure that Sofema Aviation Services continues to meet the requirement of our existing and future clients. He has attended many EASA compliant regulatory training sessions, and was a part time quality auditor in a small Bulgarian air operator. Ilija has a background in Financial services planning, with specialist knowledge in pan European tax administrations.

Petya Ilieva-Zhelyazkova

Manager Online Services

+359 886 875 507


Petya has been working in Sofema Online since the beginning of 2018. Studied both finance and philosophy, she discovered her passion for aviation when she was accepted for an internship in Lufthansa Technik in 2017, and she loved it ever since. Currently, excited to combine her customer-oriented background with her interest in aviation on her way to become a licensed mechanical engineer.

Draga Vasileva

Contracts Manager


Draga joined Sofema Aviation Services in Jan 2012 and is currently heading up the Contract Department dealing with compliance and regulatory issues. A graduate of Veliko Tarnovo University she has a certificate of European Project Management from the American University in Bulgaria. With a background of EU Regulatory compliance Draga actively supports the development of effective organizational process and procedures within the company.

Mariela Kostova

Operations Manager



Mariela has been working for Sofema Aviation Services since 2018, where she started out as an administrative assistant. Over the years she capitalized on the opportunity to pass a plethora of courses related to the aviation and management fields. Her dedication and training made her detail-oriented and adept at analysis. Her current role includes the management of the operations team as well as the initial training of any new colleagues set to join Sofema Aviation Services.

Tatyana Pavlova

Sofema Groups Account Manager

+359 884 758 550


Tatyana truly is a dedicated mainstay at Sofema Aviation Services. A legal practitioner by education, she brought her consistency, precision and resolute character to the company five years ago. Since her entry into the company her dedication and thorough approach to any work task has proven her ability to the team and earned their trust. Her experiences and time with Sofema have polished her leadership skills culminating in her current position as the Sofema Groups Account Manager.

Rustom Sutaria

Senior Consultant

Rustom has approximately 20 years’ experience within Aircraft Engineering and maintenance, of which 15 years has been spent working for various high-profile aviation businesses in Technical Services functions. With a background of technical services management in continuing airworthiness oversight, quality & safety, Rus works with Sofema to develop & deliver high quality training material in support of all EASA/CAR regulations, and is based in Dubai as Sofema’s training & consultancy representative for the Middle East & the Indian sub-continent.

Wajahat Ali Khan

Technical Instructor

Wajahat has a Bachelor degree in Aerospace Engineering and Masters in Information Technology with extensive professional training in fields of QMS, Auditing & Safety Management System. He has many years of experience in Quality, Maintenance and planning departments in various companies in Middle East.

Dobrica Vincic

Senior Consultant / Instructor

With a background of airworthiness, design, regulatory and safety oversight, especially investigation in aircraft maintenance environment, Dobrica is focused for delivery of high quality training of EASA regulations with details from years of experience in operation, maintenance, quality and safety.

Altin Vrapi

Technical Instructor

Altin Vrapi has broad aviation experience for more than 25 years. Licensed Aircraft Engineer since 1996 with different type ratings. Experienced in different managerial roles in; elaborating Maintenance of the Aircraft, Flight Safety Management, Airport development and operation, Air operations, Maintenance and Quality Assurance, Airline Management. He has been Accountable Manager for the Albanian Airlines and a key member Of Negotiation team of Government of Albania for The concession of Tirana Airport.

Kevin Rookes

Technical Instructor

Kevin is an Aviation Safety Specialist with 30+ years of international experience. He has experience in implementing and providing oversight of Quality Management Systems (QMS), Safety Management Systems (SMS) and Aviation Regulatory Training in compliance to numerous National Aviation Authority requirements the EASA, FAA and the HKCAD. With his broad experience and passion for quality, safety and risk, Kevin pulls on these qualities to ensure the training he delivers helps delegates reinforce and increase their knowledge.

Vanja Rajic

DGR Instructor

Vanja has been working as a freelance Dangerous Goods instructor and consultant for the last 10 years. So far, she has trained around 3000 people in Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Canada, Middle East and Tanzania, and closely cooperate with many airlines, handling agents, freight forwarders and shippers. Highly enjoy working in multicultural environments. Previous work experience in the airline industry has allowed her to connect relevant aspects of Dangerous Goods Regulations with day-to-day tasks of all training participants, in the best possible manner.

Tihomir Dzingov

Technical Instructor

With the last 10 years spent in Operations Management and oversight Tihomir is well placed to deliver Regulatory Training across the entire operational management environment. He has a proven ability to support the development of working solutions to many of organisational challenges which we face within the operational and organisational areas.Tihomir has an in depth knowledge of the EASA regulatory structure and he is a competent trainer specialised in Flight Operations and SMS.

Aleksandar Veljkovic

Technical Instructor

Approximately 23 years in aviation industry, Maintenance, Airworthiness, Quality Assurance. Started with Europe MRO in Engineering department. Last twelve years in UAE with high profile aviation businesses covering different position in Airworthiness, Maintenance, Quality & Safety and keeping Post Holder position in CAMO & 145 organizations. Aleks works with SOFEMA to develop & deliver high quality training in support of all EASA / CAR regulations, based in Dubai as Sofema’s training & consultancy representative.


Consultant/Technical Instructor

Yasar is currently an aviation professional and active qualified IOSA Auditor in aircraft maintenance (MNT) discipline. He has significant knowledge and experience in IOSA Program and Practices. With a broad civil aviation career spanning 27 years especially in aircraft maintenance and flight simulation training devices, Yasar’s practical skills and experience in compliance monitoring function, quality assurance program, audit process, human factors, error management and safety management are enhanced by his deep knowledge and expertise.

Dejan Dencic

Technical Instructor

Dejan has over 20 years of experience in aviation going through all activities in aircraft maintenance, planning and engineering, quality and safety for both OPS and aircraft maintenance. Through the years facing problems finds that knowledge of aircraft is not only one solution but also knowledge of regulation as well. Except for Sofema Dejan currently also works as a lecturer/instructor in Aviation Academy in Belgrade, vocational school (EASA approved Part 147 and ATO) teaching students many subjects related to aviation courses and airspace technologies (EASA Modules 7, 8, 11, 15, 17) and Aviation Legislation (Module 10).