Sofema Aviation Services Aircraft Leasing Solution’s


SAS is pleased to offer direct support to enable you to undertake ACMI wet lease operations throughout Africa, Middle East & Far East, Asia Pacific and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

The team at SAS is ready to reconcile your aircraft leasing challenge, so before you commit to an ACMI leasing contract please contact and we will ensure the quickest possible offer for you to consider. (If your need is urgent email for immediate attention)

Whether you are looking for short or medium term leasing solution our team at SAS is waiting to help you to achieve you objectives.

Offering partner support for your preferred lease option. Choose from the following ACMI (full Wet Lease), Hybrid (Damp lease), Fully Dry, Operational and Financial lease.

Services available include choosing the best aircraft for you operational profile, sourcing the aircraft, lease development plus support for contract negotiation through to signing of the lease and thereafter the availability of ongoing operations management and training support.

When you are ready to move so are we, please contact so we can understand you needs and support you to develop the most effective solution.