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You are here because you are looking for a particular individual – SAS can make the difference and help you to find your person.

Sofema Aviation Services – Supporting Airports – Operators – AMO’s – CAMO’s

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  • Aviation Consultants are currently available to support your business objectives
  • Available for Short Term or Long-Term Employment
  • Whether you are considering to optimise for increased productivity or to get your aviation business back on track now.

Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) provide our clients with the result of our innovative and extensive executive search and selection process. Whether you are looking for:

  • Short-Term Consultancy Role
  • Fulfilling a Permanent Position

Executive search, recruiting and consulting is the cornerstone of our recruitment business which starts with:

  • Understanding each client’s cultural expectations
  • Understanding each client’s Strategic objectives
  • Being able to recognise the specific attributes and competencies needed to meet those objectives

SAS recognises the importance of leadership as an important function of overall management experience, by providing effective management, enhancing productivity and enabling the achievement of organizational goals.

We are successful because we focus on what we know – Aviation! With 50 Years’ experience in commercial aviation, we understand the importance of leadership roles.

Please contact our Director of Operations for a discreet and confidential discussion related to for any key appointments that you may be considering. Email

Our Onboarding Process

We carefully evaluate all prospects through our program of competency-based assessments, web-based interviews, leadership questionnaires as well as cultural assessment – Our focus is on matching the candidate with the attributes your company needs.

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