July 25, 2014


Sofema Aviation Services is pleased to announce we will be delivering a new round of regulatory training in Singapore. The training will be held at the facilities of Singapore Training and Development Association (STADA) where SAS is an associate member.

The courses on offer consist of two complementary programs starting with Aviation Quality Management and Auditing 2 Days which runs on Mon 22th September followed by Maintenance Error Management System (MEMS) 3 Days which runs from wed 24th to Fri 26th of September.

Steven Bentley MD of SAS commented: “Sofema Aviation Services Growth Strategy requires that we understand and respond in the most effective way to the specific needs of the client, we do not exaggerate our role, and fully understand that we are here to support you in the best way possible.

We provide training to both regulators and industry to the highest professional standards. Our chief instructor has 50 years commercial aviation experience with years of management experience with the UK’s leading airlines and our MD has more than 40 years commercial aviation experience.

Our focus is to remain highly competitive on price so it doesn’t mean that our training is impacted because we charge 50% to 60% of our competitors. This is not what our clients tell us but we hope you will judge for yourself.”

What delegates Say about Sofema Aviation Services Training:

“Entire course extremely informative”
“Very helpful value adding to my area”
“Excellent Instructor Skills“
“Good Transfer of information”
“Good explanation of the structure within the company”
“Clear Concise and Informative”
“The course as a whole was informative and useful”
“Interaction, Sharing of Knowledge”
“Presentation was Excellent”
“The course will assist with Identifying root cause of actual problems within my section”
“Presentation of the course material was very well done”

If you have additional questions please see www.sassofia.com  or email office@sassofia.com


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