EASA Part 21 Subpart J Support

Sofema Aviation Services is very pleased to offer full Part 21 Subpart J support for Small, Medium or Large Projects.

Whether you are considering a re-config of the cabin or the implementation of a Major Mod we can help you.

The service is provided by our EASA approved associate, costs are competitive and the standard of service delivery is highly recommended.

Please contact office@sassofia.com with you Part 21 design requirements and we will be very happy to assist you further.

Additional Partner Services

Aircraft Disinfestation Support

Sofema Aviation Services is able to provide a service to support Aircraft Disinfestation

A service to ensure your aircraft are fully treated to control vermin, cockroaches and biting insects.

Disinfestation Treatments are a mandatory requirement on longhaul aircraft and also recommended to conform with any future legislation i.e. food hygiene regulations, etc. It is also included in the World Health Organisation recommendations on the Disinsecting of Aircraft.

Disinfestation is a procedure whereby all galleys, bars, amenity stowages and toilets etc., are spray treated with an approved insecticide to control possible infestations of crawling insects i.e. cockroaches. These treatments are normally carried out on a monthly or 6-8 weekly scheduled basis either to coincide with hangar inputs or are carried out on the ramp when down time allows. We also respond to any call-out treatments that are required following Tech. Log entries for either Cockroach or Biting Insect infestation that have emerged during operations).

For further details please contact Sofema Aviation Services www.sassofia.com or email office@sassofia.com