Aircraft Reports - Aviation Accident Reports

SAS are able to provide detailed reports concerning the status of your aircraft, including aircraft condition surveys and detailed aircraft surveys. Delivery & Re-delivery inspections and reports can be provided including a detailed assessment of the following :

  • Detailed physical inspection of aircraft, plus if required to include Engine & APU Borescope inspection and report;
  • Full audit of technical records in accordance with EASA, National Airworthiness and Contractual Requirements;
  • Aircraft specification & flight manual Conformity, maintenance due and compliance status, AD SB and LLP status;
  • Repair and Modification conformity;

Audits of Engines, Landing gear and Avionics Installations, status and standards;

Full summary and detailed reports are provided.
SAS may perform an ARC preparation or to support you to obtain an ARC. When importing an aircraft into an EU country, specific issues need to be reviewed in detail for example repair and modification status. SAS has the resources to perform in depth analysis.
SAS is able to provide detailed accident reports, with full assessments and status of requirements to return to serviceability. We can ensure and have available resources to re inspect and assess damage history or to perform a status inspection in conjunction with our associate part 21 organisation to review status and history and develop suitable repair solutions.
We provide support to managing ongoing organisation integrity and asset valuations, we are able to enter into long term commitments to support your ongoing management and oversight needs.