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SAM – Intuitive Aviation Maintenance Software


SAM is an efficient aviation maintenance software that will assist you in hitting every deadline and making sure none of your aircraft are grounded for unexpected checks and services. This minimizes aircraft downtime, reduces the amount of emergency delivery requirements and drastically increases efficiency. SAM is very intuitive and therefore easy to use, and it takes just 2 weeks to setup.

This extensive set of maintenance management solutions, has more than 20 years of total development to call on resulting in a superb product.

We believe we are providing one of the most effective and affordable solutions on the market. Feed back indicates that the functionality of our system is comparable with systems costing 5 times the price. ! (Ask for details of the comparison).

We also know that you will not make a decision regarding a maintenance software software without extensive understanding of the system functionality

This is why we are happy not only to show you what it can do but to give you free access to our training site so that you may explore the functionality for your self.

An Easy-to-Use Software suite, making aircraft maintenance time saving and cost effective and provides aircraft operators and MRO’s with all functionality needed to fully manage their Aircraft, Components, AD notes & Service Bulletins, Maintenance Tasks, Work Orders, Sales and Invoicing, Inquiry and Purchase and Reliability reporting.

The unique modularized structure allows you to include only the functionality needed by selecting the corresponding modules. In addition to being easy-to-use and cost-efficient, the software is structurally integrated.

This means you can control an extensive range of maintenance planning and production functions as well as inventory, purchasing and invoicing functions, all with one system. AND, all modules are inter-connected sharing their information.

Have you considered remote hosting using our cloud (Application Service Providing) means we work as your IT Department with regard to your aircraft maintenance

We set up the system on one of our reliable servers so that you can connect to it through the Internet.

You do not buy the system, you simply rent it and all relevant services connected to it by paying a monthly fee.

The following benefits describe the advantage of SAM solution:


  • Mature and feature-rich system tailored for Aircraft Operators (CAMO) and Maintenance (MRO) businesses.
  • Our focus is on innovation in close cooperation with our customers allowing them to benefit.
  • We always have an 18-24 month road-map approach ensuring customers know our future plans.
  • SAM is designed with an intuitive “two clicks” approach where all information is no more than two click away.
  • Modular system which means our customers can “grow as they go” and still enable a positive ROI within 24 month.
  • We offer customers a “Best Practice” procedures enabling a rapid implementation process and long lasting usage.
  • Reduces cost on AOG’s and daily purchasing routines.
  • Introduces the benefit of increased cost control in many areas – components, parts and resources.
  • Our support personnel offers great service with in depth knowledge of the industry.
  • Flexible ways of financing the purchase, either benefiting our customer’s choice of OPEX or CAPEX.



  • Less staff to manage Aircraft. One skilled planner can handle 3-4 high utilization aircraft.
  • Fleet Status is easily accessible, with 15% savings from using customized KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).
  • SAM keeps control of costs, with some customers seeing a 20-30% increase in efficiency.



  • Efficient workflow from quotation to invoice – examples of up to 30% effectiveness increase.
  • Minimize aircraft ground time by accelerating operations – examples of 15-20% time reduction.
  • Paperless environment – saving the forest



  • Fast and easy aircraft profile build – examples of 50% savings.
  • Analyzing and engineering work order – examples of 15% savings.



  • Provide fast & easy overview of the spare part situation.
  • Large savings on purchase due to interaction with work orders.
  • Improves cash flow due to “Just in Time” purchases.
  • Provides full cost overview of project.


Have you prepared yourself for the forthcoming EASA’s Part-M Light regulation change? Please check SAM Light!

SAM Light is a new, web-based version of our popular SAM software for General Aviation customers that need a cost efficient and powerful aviation maintenance software that is compatible with EASA’s Part-M Light regulation change.

What should I do now ?

We are here to supply information, to show you what the system can do, and to show you the extremely competitive pricing structure.

Please contact office@sassofia.com to arrange a LIVE DEMO and to receive a special 10 pct discount from the official pricing of the owned and leased versions of SAM Software and SAM Light version.

We believe that once you have become familiar with the capability of the software and understood how affordable it is, from this point on the Software sells itself.