Audit Services

EASA and Industry Compliant Audit Services

It is an EASA requirement that operators of Commercial Air Transport and Maintenance Repair Organizations MRO’s have a fully compliant quality system. Many business operators recognize the benefit of compliance with IS-BAO delivers strong positives in respect of customer acceptance and even a reduction in insurance premiums.
Whilst compliance with the regulations is an acceptable minimum standard which an organization has to comply with, it is a fact that the organization does not have to accept this minimum standard.
By targeting the audit service in a specific way we can demonstrate improved effectiveness. With over 20 years of Audit experience across a range of disciplines we have the experience to assist and support you to manage Aviation Quality Audit Services within your organization. This solution is extremely cost efficient because by its nature it is targeted and specific to recognize the need of the organization to not only demonstrate oversight but to have a desire to improve business efficiency.

SAS is pleased to offer the following Audit Services:

1/ Sofema Aviation Services offers in depth Safety Management System Audits

How active is your organisational SMS?

How satisfied are you with your SMS? Is it actually guiding safety behaviour within your organisation? Does your system impact culture and behaviour in your organisation, consider that many audits focus on the compliance of the system with the documentation rather than developing measures of effectiveness.

We all recognise that an effective SMS should receive Compliance Quality Audits together with Safety Audits to look at the identification of Hazards and the management of risk analysis and mitigation processes.

SAS audits are confidential and independent delivered in a professional and timely manner, whether it is a partial audit or a review of the entire process. The audit will deliver a full assessment highlighting and system exposures at the same time identifying opportunities.

Our audits are flexible, bespoke and tailored to your individual needs, with it is an ad hoc audit or an in depth program to support the implementation and development of your SMS,

Our SMS team consisting of facilitators and trainers is both highly trained and has a comprehensive and in depth understanding of methodologies to integrate SMS into the management system to not just lower safety but to drive savings in the work place.

2/ EASA Part M Compliance

This audit looks at the Operators Compliance with the requirements of Part M Subpart G

The audit takes a full day and covers in depth all elements of compliance with Part M regulations, and determines the effectiveness of the Part M Management Organisation, the Effectiveness of the Quality Audit System and effectiveness of the Maintenance Program.

3/ EASA 145 Organisation Audit

This audit looks at the Compliance of the 145 organisations with all regulatory requirements

This audit takes a full day and covers in depth all elements of compliance with Part 145 Regulations, and determines the effectiveness of the Production Management System, and the effectiveness of the Quality Audit System.

4/ Aircraft Compliance and Conformity Audit

This Audit looks at the Physical Aircraft and sample Conformity with AD’s SB and Repairs

This audit takes a full day and is split into a Documentation review half a day and a Aircraft Physical Review ½ Day

5/ Operator Compliance with EU OPS

This audit takes a full day and looks at the organizations compliance with EU OPS

The audit takes a full day and covers all elements of compliance with EU OPS 1 or JAR OPS 3 as applicable

Each audit is support with a comprehensive audit report including Photographic evidence where appropriate, within 5 working days following the audit.

A Discrepancy is raised for each finding.

6/ IS-BAO Audit for Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft

IS-BAO standards have gained worldwide recognition in support of aviation excellence and best practices, particularly in the Business Aviation and Oil & Gas industries. This success enabled the standard to become a regulatory mean of compliance under Cayman and Bermuda SMS regulatory requirements.

Compliance with IS-BAO provides the confidence regarding the integrity of the operation and its Safety Management System. We are able to offer Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 audits on fixed and/or wing aircraft in private or commercial operations under any type of regulatory environment.

We are focused on the optimization of the business processes and recognize that the organization should drive the documentation not the other way around.

7/ IATA Operational Standard Support and Preparation

The IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) program is an evaluation system designed to assess the operational management and control systems of an airline. IOSA’s quality audit principles are designed to conduct audits in a standardized manner.

To be a member of IATA requires that the member also attains and maintains accreditation under the IATA Operational Safety Audit program. A number of companies who are not members of IATA see the attainment of the IATA Operation Standard Audit as a statement that the organisation has achieved a standard, much as ISO 9000 indicates an organisation has achieved a standard in Quality Management.

This provides a number of advantage for the audited organisation in that it enables preparation in a structured and understood way, in additional there is complete transparency in the process with the IATA Standards and Recommended Practices (ISARPs) published in the ISM and available on the IATA web site.
If you are seeking accreditation there are 8 Audit Organisations available to perform the audit when you are ready.

However it is not necessary to use any of these organisations during the preparation, which can of course reduce your preparation costs significantly.

Currently there are more than 350 airlines who have attained the IOSA standard.

How can Sofema Aviation Services help you to achieve IATA Operational Standard accreditation?

Qualified auditors with proven organisational and procedures experience are available to help you prepare for IOSA compliance. To be fully prepared not only reduces the time taken to reach full compliance but it is achieved at reduced cost. When you are ready we support you through the entire implementation process.

Our difference is in the competences of our people, they understand airline process and procedures, and have many years experience. The audit process delivered by IATA is deliberately standardized whilst the implementation process within your organisation is anything but standardized. It must be tailored to your operations specific needs an at the same time designed to not just comply but to be effective.

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