Technical Representation

Sofema Aviation Services technical support and services team are able to provide an effective and flexible solution to your specific needs. Whether it is in support of your CAMO organisation. or to support your 145 or MRO, having access to a compete qualified and effective technical support solution enables you to deal with short term unscheduled work and to manage your labour costs.

We are able to support your short term and long term needs, from adhoc representation during a maintenance input to long term support. All our representatives are well experienced and competent in their respective fields.
Our aim is to support you with technically competent representation, to manage on your behalf a project or Maintenance related activity. When you need it and where you need it. Amongst the many services we can provide are:

  • Quality and Airworthiness Management support
  • Documentation reviews, including dummy arcs.
  • Technical audits and AD or SB compliances
  • Repair Assessment Reviews
  • Contract and lease compliance reviews,
  • Support during aircraft acquisition and redelivery
  • Support during maintenance activity

By using Sofema Aviation Services you may benefit from resource flexibility and cost effective support.

Please Contact for further information on any of our support activities and services.