What is Webinar?

Webinar is an easy and interactive training solution, typically using the services of a “live” Instructor.
It creates a middle ground between classroom and online courses via convenient and user-friendly software technology.

How Sofema Webinar Work?

We use www.zoom.usm This is a live program where our instructor takes you through the material in real-time with easy to use Software. Webinar is a cost-effective way to cover the material with a fully interactive experience.


Advantages of Sofema Webinar

With SAS Webinar’s we always focus on the interaction with the delegates who are encouraged to ask questions and provoke discussions at any time throughout the training.
The interactive element of the program enables the maximum approximation to the classroom environment, however, spares the delegates additional costs such as travel and accommodation.

An additional advantage of SAS Webinar delivered training is that we provide all attendees with both Soft Copy of the material and an MP4 file (MP4 is an audio & visual format) of the entire proceedings. Delivered via Dropbox Link

For open webinar training sessions, the price per delegate per day is 340 Euro which includes daily attendance, soft copy of the training material as well as Mp4 recording at the end of the training.


  • All registered attendees on all webinars will receive certificates.


How to choose a course?

There are no restrictions in terms of training that can be delivered via Webinar. Delegates are welcomed to choose from any of more than 550 Regulatory and Vocational Training Courses from the SAS catalogue.  (

Can you Configure a Bespoke Webinar for Me / Us from Several Different Courses?

Absolutely – You are welcome to request a Webinar training session that consists of modules from multiple other courses – Now is the opportunity for you to develop your knowledge and professional skills in depth from the comfort of their home.

Next Steps

You are interested in finding out how you can benefit from Sofema Aviation Services Webinar.

Please share now your desired objectives and we will do everything we can to deliver your training within the best possible time frame.

Note – even if you are on your own please make the request as we will consolidate and develop online groups from all our clients.

Please see  now or email for additional details.