PTP For Incompany Training

Privileged Training Partners receive the following Benefits with Sofema Aviation Services for our Incompany training sessions:

  1. You will receive 20% discount from the total cost of “Incompany Training”.
  2. For “In Company Training” the client can increase the number of the delegates from 12 to 15 without additional charges.
  3. For delegates above 15 and up to 20, the admin fee per delegate is decreased to 30 Euro per Course (Standard price is 45 euro).

* For clients from countries with a tax withholding policy up to 10%, the following will be applicable:

  • 10% less discount than the agreed in point 1 to 5.
  • The client may deduct 10% Tax.

If the client provides a Certificate of Tax Withholding SAS will provide the following options:

a) Provide a refund of 10% from the received amount.
b) provide an equivalent discount of 10% from the received payment as credit for future training course.

If you would like to receive a copy of the Privileged Training Partner Agreement (PTP) please email