SAS Discount Program

Sofema Aviation Services offers the most competitive discount program currently available for EASA compliant regulatory training.

The discounts you can benefit from are: SAS Corporate Bonus, Multi Delegates Discount Program and the Early Bird Program listed below:

Multi Delegate Discount

· For 2 Delegates (or 1 Delegate attending 2 Trainings) we offer 15% Discount for each Delegate

· For 3 Delegates (or 1 Delegate attending 3 Trainings) we offer 25% Discount for each Delegate

· For 4 Delegates we offer 4 for the price of 3 special offer.

Early Bird Discount

· For 1 person – 15 %

· For 2 persons, we will add additional 5 %

· For 3 persons, we will add also additional 5 %

The Early Bird Discount Program is applicable for bookings taken and payment received more than 4 weeks before commencement of the training!

You can combine the Multi Delegate and Early Bird discount programs, and to receive up to 30 % discount for all required training course!

SAS Preferred Training Partner Program

Sofema Aviation Services are pleased to present our Preferred Training Partner Program  which we believe not only provides outstanding value, but which is unrivaled for the benefits on offer.

We are currently opening the PTP offer to additional organisations and companies, if your organisation is progressive and you believe in the benefit of continuous training then you can benefit from great savings with more than 250 Regulatory training courses at your disposal. Once you have completed a SAS “in company” training course you may apply for, or be invited to participate in the SAS PTP program to receive the following additional benefits

a) You will receive 30% discount for each person attending our open training courses.
b) If you enrol more than 5 persons you receive additional 10% total 40% discount for Open Training
c) You will receive 20% discount from the total cost of “In Company Training”
d) You are entitled to 20% discount through our partner website

Additional Benefits from the SAS Preferred Training Partner Program

a) For “In Company Training” the client can increase the number of the delegates from 12 to 15 without additional charges. For delegate above 15 the admin. fee is decreased to 40 USD (instead of 60 USD).

b) For Open Training Sessions if the client enrolls 5 or above delegates per training an additional discount of 10% will be provided.

c) A standard 20% discount for EASAOnline courses on our online training platform will be provided as a part of this PTP agreement. This discount is applicable for up to 10 persons. If the client has more than 10 persons the official EASAOnline discounts will be applicable.

If you would like to receive a copy of the Preferred Training Partner Agreement (PTP) please email

Important Note

Please note that SAS Discount Policy excluding the Early Bird is conditional on timely payment of all due amounts 7 days prior to the training course. Any payment delay past the invoice due date will result in normal prices applying.