The Sofema Aviation Services Wingspan Program

The Sofema Aviation Services Wingspan Program

Sofema Aviation Services Wingspan Program

Sofema¬†Aviation¬†Services¬†¬†is developing a giving back¬†program¬†designed to provide different elements of industry support at little or no cost called The¬†Sofema¬†Wingspan¬†Program. The¬†program¬†is the ‚Äúgiving back‚ÄĚ project of¬†Sofema¬†Aviation¬†Services. The first active elements we have are:

Sofema Wingspan Leadership Scholarship

  • Sofema¬†Aviation¬†Services¬†provides an annual budget of ‚ā¨50,000 to its¬†Aviation¬†Leadership Scholarship¬†Program, aiming to support the growth of future¬†aviation¬†leaders.
  • During 2023 the¬†program¬†offers 100 scholarships for the second consecutive year.
  • Successful applicants gained access to eight specialized online courses worth over ‚ā¨500.
  • Each course completion is recognized with an online certificate, and upon finishing all courses, participants can obtain an extra¬†Aviation¬†Future Leaders Scholarship Certificate.

Sofema Wingspan Bursary Program

Sofema¬†Aviation¬†Services¬†provides a Bursary¬†Program¬†aimed at European¬†Aviation¬†Universities and Higher Level¬†Aviation¬†Education Establishments within the European Union and EFTA, starting from 1 January 2024. This initiative pledges a ‚ā¨5,000 Bursary to selected institutions each year.

  • Establishing a partnership to enhance EASA-compliant¬†aviation¬†education across Europe.
  • The¬†program¬†is designed to provide financial support and access to¬†Sofema¬†Online (SOL’s) extensive resources, including over 330 EASA-compliant online courses, packages, and diplomas, available on¬†
  • Beneficiaries will receive an honorary membership to the¬†Aviation¬†Regulatory Training Standards Association (ARTSA) and
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts on SOL’s offerings, including a 50% discount on all single courses and a 10% discount on comprehensive packages and diplomas.

The Sofema Aviation Services Wingspan Program Future Developments

The following opportunities are currently under review as a future development of the program:

Sofema Wingspan Mentorship and Internship Opportunities:

  • Partnering with¬†aviation¬†companies and professionals to offer hands-on experience and guidance to students and young professionals entering the field.
  • To bridge the gap between education and real-world application, providing valuable insights and career guidance.

Sofema Wingspan Research Grants:

  • Offering research grants to students and professionals conducting innovative research in the field of¬†aviation.
  • Supporting the development of new technologies, sustainability practices, or safety improvements within the industry.

Sofema Wingspan Community Outreach Programs:

  • Engaging with communities to raise awareness about careers in¬†aviation¬†and to inspire the next generation of¬†aviation¬†professionals.

Sofema Wingspan Accessible Training Opportunities:

  • Providing accessible education opportunities to individuals worldwide, especially those who cannot afford traditional education paths or are in remote locations.

Sofema Wingspan Aviation Safety and Sustainability Initiatives:

  • Supporting Initiatives focused on improving¬†aviation¬†safety and promoting sustainability within the industry.
  • Investing in partnerships with organizations working on environmental projects, safety campaigns, or technological innovations that reduce the environmental impact of¬†aviation¬†operations.

Sofema Wingspan Networking Events and Conferences:

  • Events bringing together¬†aviation¬†professionals, students, and industry leaders to share knowledge, discuss industry trends, and foster professional connections.

Next Steps

Please visit and to review the available services and training programs. For questions or comments, please email