SMS and HF

EASA Certified European Operators CAMO’s – Face Major Changes

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Certified European Operators

July 02, 2020


European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has announced that Part M Subpart G will no longer be valid from 24 September 2021. To retain approval to manage the Airworthiness of Large Aircraft and Aircraft operated by “Air Carriers” (AC) will require a transition to EASA Part CAMO together with all associated obligations. How to Optimize? (Do…

The link between Safety Management Systems SMS and Human Factors HF

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The link between (Safety Management Systems) SMS and Human Factors

June 13, 2013


One way of looking at the relationship is to consider that SMS puts the flesh on the HF Skeleton. A strong organizational SMS system can deliver not just added safety but added value too. It is early days in the evolution of the implemented SMS systems so significant data is not in abundance, however that…