December 01, 2016


EASA Regulated Aircraft Maintenance is interesting and highly professional and Licensed Aircraft Engineers are essential to maintain the global aviation industry. Employment in the field of aviation offers the potential of a wide and varied career with an attractive salary.

Licensed Aircraft Engineers perform maintenance and other activities on Aircraft (often with modern equipment and advanced technology.) Ensuring the rectification of all defects as well as repairing airframe structures, engines, and avionic systems.

Category B is the primary licence qualification for aircraft maintenance staff under EASA.

B1 Mechanical (aircraft structure, powerplant and mechanical and electrical systems) which is divided into four sub-categories. (Note B1 also includes an β€œA” Licence)

B2 Avionics (communications, navigation, radar, instrument and electrical systems).

Most Licensed Aircraft Engineers start off as mechanics taking between 2-4 years to become a Mechanic (and more than 5 years to become a Licensed Aircraft Engineer β€œLAE” ) Normally persons who become Aircraft Engineers have an aptitude for Maths & Physics.

The process of completing all the exams required for the issue of an EASA Part 66 Licence is essentially quite straight forward:

Step 1: Complete the study (to your own satisfaction) for each of the EASA examinations associated with the relevant category of licence.

Step 2:Β Sit the exams at an approved EASA examination centre – This can be any approved EASA 147 organisation or a European CAA (but caution if you go with 1 CAA then you must complete every element of the process with that CAA it is not flexible as will be explained later).

To gain the knowledge needed to take the examinations, you can self study or complete short courses or distance learning courses. EASAOnline provides online support and our partner European Aviation Institute (EAI) an EASA Part 147 approved Maintenance Training Organization (MTO) with Certificate of Approval No RO.147.0003 are able to provide short courses and examinations in Romania.

It is necessary to gain a documented five years of maintenance experience on the appropriate category of aircraft in addition to passing all of the examinations before you can apply for a licence.

But note that the exams may be taken at any convenient time and you have a 10 year window in which to apply for the exam after successfully completing the relevant modules.

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