Embraer ERJ-170 differences from the ERJ-190 B1 & B2 Combined Theoretical Course

Course Overview

This course is in compliance with EASA Part-66, Appendix III. It comprises the B1/B2 differences between the ERJ-170 and the ERJ-190.

This course includes theoretical elements and has the duration of 3 days. It will be conducted in Bucharest.

Closed book examinations will be conducted throughout the course. The examinations passing mark is 75 %. Minimum attendance is 90%. Participants will receive a Part-147 Certificate of Recognition after successfully passing all the examinations and assessments of the course.

Target group & Size

Maintenance personnel already qualified on the ERJ 190 model wishing to add the ERJ-170 to their license.

Minimum 10, maximum 28.


Have completed the ER-190 theoretical and practical course under EASA or have the ERJ-190 type endorsed on a PART 66 license.

Aviation technical English.


3 training days in total.

Costs and Package Costs

ERJ 190 B1/B2 Theory (27 days): € 3250.00

ER 190 B1/B2 practical (10 days): € 1750.00

ERJ 190 B1/B2 combined Theory and Practical (37 days): € 4125.00

ERJ 170 Differences from ERJ 190B1/B2 Theory and Practical (3 days): € 975.00

ERJ 170 B1/B2 practical (1 day): € 475.00

Special Price Package – ERJ 190+170 B1/B2 Theory and Practical (41 days): € 4195.00

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