It is widely recognized that the majority of causal and contributory factors leading to an error can be managed. In addition, developing a comprehensive root cause understanding, leads to a wider and more effective mitigation process.

We have an opportunity to subject such safety occurrences to correct and proper investigation and analysis, in this way they may have a significant and beneficial effect on the organisations ability to improve its safety performance.

Whilst civil air transport is considered to be the safest means of transport, the potential never the less exists regarding the ongoing exposure to many potential dangers.

Safety Management Systems should focus extensively on the analysis of the data derived from the contributing elements of the various impacted areas.

An Effective Safety Management System (SMS) understands that Safety Assurance is looking at weakness in the organisational system which raises the exposure to risk. Safety Assurance is a forward-looking process.

3-Day Training

Safety Occurrence & Reporting – 3 Days

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Maintenance Error Practical Investigation– 4 Days

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SMS Practical Investigation Skills Training – 5 Days