Executive Aviation Recruitment and Consultancy

Sofema Aviation Services Executive Recruitment & Consultancy

Sofema Aviation Services offers an Aviation – Executive Headhunting, Recruitment & Consultancy Service

As well as an outstanding aviation career, our Consultants typically have 8 – 10 Years Senior and Managerial Aviation experience as well as 2 – 3 years Role Relevant experience.

We Are Pleased to Make Your Acquaintance

  • You are an Aviation Professional Currently Looking for a “Hi Value” Role
    You are an Aviation Organisation – Airport – Operator – CAMO – 145 – Currently Seeking a new Leadership Team Member either:
  • Short-Term Consultancy Role
  • Fulfilling a Permanent Position


Sofema Aviation Services’ speciality is to:

  • Introduce you as the High Value Individual who can support the Organisation’s Leadership Team Objectives
  • Provide Efficient and Timely Support to the Aviation Recruitment and Consultancy Provision Process
  • To provide Training and Support for Tomorrow’s leaders in Aviation
  • Support Applicants to gain a role as a Short-Term Specialists

Amongst the “Hi Value” roles we support are the following Job Categories:

  • Accountable Executives
  • Aviation Managers
  • Senior Managers
  • Post Holders / Nominated Persons, Accountable Executives
  • Senior Supply Chain Manager
  • Operations Directors and Managers
  • Quality & Compliance Managers
  • Part 21 Subpart G & J Senior Roles including CVE
  • Aviation Training Managers
  • Senior CAMO & Senior Part 145 Managers

About Sofema Aviation Services – Executive Recruitment & Consultancy

We are a rapidly growing recruitment & consultancy specialist, supplying competent senior personnel to the global aviation market, from large companies to small and medium sized, all of who are looking for a professional and personal service.

Our Goal is quite simply to meet the resource needs of your organisation in the shortest time, efficiently and cost effectively. We are proud of the relationships we have built with international aviation organizations over the years, with our core values at the heart of everything we do.

As a regulatory and vocational training company we are able to support our clients with the competence building training which enables you to prepare for the leadership role you seek.

Sofema Aviation Services has expertise to effectively manage the recruitment process and to deliver your ideal candidate

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