Achieve your Quality & Safety in an EASA Environment Diploma now!

Developing Quality & Safety Competence in an EASA Environment

How Does a Certifying Engineer or Operations Staff prepare for a move into the EASA Quality and Safety and Security (Audit/ Oversight) Environment?

 Sofema Online has put together a package of online training designed to appeal to the needs of aviation professionals.

 Achieve your Quality & Safety in an EASA Environment Diploma now!

 Sofema Online Learning Diploma – EASA Quality & Safety

Please make no mistake this a lot of study material, however, if you are genuine about growing your knowledge and developing your career this is a practical route to achieve.

 Grow your Competence with a Sofema Online Learning Diploma

Demonstrates your high level of knowledge across multiple subject areas within a core business unit.

The Sofema Online Learning Diploma is the perfect way to demonstrate to your employer or future employer that you have an achieved a basic understanding of the subject matter across a range of related topics.

  • Benefit from a Substantial Multi-Course Special Discount
  • Print multiple course completion certificates online
  • Receive Your Had Copy Diploma worldwide on completion

Sofema Online Learning Diploma – EASA Quality & Safety Consisting of 8 Separate Courses:

a) Either Part 145 Regulations with V/O & Part M Regulations with V/O or

b) Part M Regulations with V/O & (EC) Regulation 965/12 Training Essentials

c) Safety Management Systems Implementation Review

d ) Safety Management Systems Risk Monitoring and

e) Safety Performance Overview and Recurrent

f) Aviation Compliance Auditing In an EASA Environment with VO

g) Aviation Quality Auditing & Root Cause Analysis for Nominated Persons and Business Area Managers

h) Aviation Security Introduction for Non-Security Airport Staff.


Normal Price when undertaken individually = 548 USD

Special Price to obtain your Diploma with SofemaOnline Learning Development = 435 USD

Equal to 3 monthly payments of 145 USD per month.

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- Payments may be spread over 2 Consecutive Months

- a) Each Course will remain open for 4 months from the individual start date

- b) The entire Program Must be completed with a 12-month period

- c) Any extensions will be charged at 50 % of the “Normal” appropriate rate for the course

- d) Course will be allocated sequentially when the current course is completed

- e) Diploma’s will only be issued once all courses are completed


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