May 20, 2024


Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) is pleased to share that the CAMO & AMO Planning & Tech Services – Job Card & Technical Authoring training was delivered to delegates from Astral Aviation

The course was delivered as a webinar by our instructor Dinos Rodis

About the training

Whether you’re drafting technical documents, creating procedural manuals, or communicating maintenance plans, clarity and precision are non-negotiable. The training CAMO & AMO Planning & Tech Services – Job Card & Technical Authoring – 1 Day, focused on Aviation Technical English, is designed to equip professionals with the essential skills to convey information accurately and effectively. Tailored specifically for individuals involved in Maintenance Planning and Technical Services, this course goes beyond language proficiency to explore best practices and business objectives. By honing your communication skills, you’ll ensure that task requirements are conveyed clearly, reducing the risk of ambiguity and improving organizational efficiency. This course is suitable for anyone in the aviation sector with responsibilities in airline planning, quality assurance, CAMO or Part M quality systems, production planning, reliability, engineering, management, or lease companies. Sign up here – CAMO & AMO Planning & Tech Services – Job Card & Technical Authoring – 1 Day

Get to know the instructor

Cap. Konstantinos (Dinos) Rodis brings solid experience and expertise to the aviation industry, currently serving as an MSc Lecturer at Emirates Aviation University, an Aviation Safety Senior Inspector, and a respected IOSA Auditor. With over 40 years of dedicated service, Cap. Rodis possesses comprehensive knowledge spanning Civil Aviation and Operational Management, with proficiency in both Flight Operations and Maintenance and Engineering domains. His contributions extend to regulatory compliance, academia, international organizations, and consultancy, underscored by a distinguished career as an airline pilot at Olympic Airlines.

About Astral Aviation 

Astral Aviation, a leading cargo airline headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, has been a major player in the aviation industry since its establishment in November 2000, commencing operations in January 2001. Specializing in both scheduled and non-scheduled/ad-hoc cargo charters, as well as humanitarian-aid flights, Astral Aviation serves regional destinations across Africa and Asia, along with Liège in Belgium, its sole European destination as of 2023. Strategically located at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, the airline boasts a strong operational presence. Notably, in October 2022, Astral Aviation expanded its footprint with the launch of its subsidiary, Pradhaan Air Express, operating in India. This milestone marked the world’s first deployment of an Airbus A320P2F cargo aircraft in the airline’s fleet, reinforcing Astral Aviation’s pioneering spirit and commitment to innovation in air cargo transportation

About Sofema Aviation Services 

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