February 14, 2024


Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) is delighted to introduce the latest Sofema Online (SOL) training course:

EASA Part 21 Operational Suitability Data (OSD) Regulatory Obligations

About the training:

The course on EASA Part 21 Operational Suitability Data (OSD) Regulatory Obligations, offered by SofemaOnline, covers the essentials of OSD which include training, qualification of staff, and compilation of the MMEL to ensure aircraft operational efficiency. It’s designed for individuals involved in Part 21 Design Organizations, offering insights into the classification of changes, the design investigation process, and documentation covering all OSD elements. Besides the Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL), the training encompasses Flight Crew Data (FCD), Cabin Crew Data (CCD), and Simulators (SIMD). See more

Course type: Presentation without voice-over
Duration: Equivalent to 1-day classroom training
Price: 85 EUR

What is the content of this training? 

1. Definitions & Abbreviations
2. Introduction & Regulatory Drivers for OSD
3. EASA Part 21 – OSD Relationship
4. The Management of Operational Suitability Data (OSD)
5. OSD Application
6. Classification of Changes
7. OSD – Flight Crew Data
8. OSD – CS MMEL Master Minimum Equipment List
9. OSD РCS CCD Cabin Crew Data See the full table of contents 

What are the benefits?

– EASA Part 21, ‚Äėinitial airworthiness‚Äô requirements provide a framework for the definition of organizations involved in the design, modification, and repair of all aircraft types.

– Part of the requirements in Part 21 is to ensure that training/operating data are of an appropriate and consistent standard and appropriate to the product they relate to.

– The course provides an overview of OSD elements and will allow the candidate to understand how to classify changes to type design and OSD and produce documentation covering all OSD elements.

See what are the learning objectives of this training

Soft Copy of the material

  • Special offer for Groups of 3 or more: If you have a minimum of 3 delegates registered together for a SOL online course, your nominated Course Leader / Administrator will be able to request a¬†free-of-charge¬†soft copy of the training material.
  • Price drop of offline access to SOL training material: From 1 January 2023, we are pleased to provide you with offline access to SOL course material for a nominal fee of¬†‚ā¨30¬†(‚ā¨125)¬†per training day. Please email¬†team@sassofia.com¬†with your request for soft copy material.¬†Read more

How to register?

Visit the course’s page here and enroll directly on the website or email team@sassofia.com for group enrollments.

What’s more?

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