SAS delivered successfully Logistics & Stores Inspection Procedures EASA – 5 Days Training in Bangkok

Kevin Rookes  – instructor of Sofema Aviation Services had the pleasure to deliver Logistics & Stores inspection procedures EASA to delegates from a range of companies in Thailand.

The Training session started in April 23rd  and finished in April 27th in MJETS Facilities, Bangkok, Thailand. The delegates who attended the session were from a range of companies such as Myanmar National Airlines, LTR Pte Ltd., Colossus Air Pvt. Ltd. and Police Aviation

About the Training Course

This is a 5 days in depth course which covers in details all essential elements to ensure the highest level of understanding to support the effective management of competence within the Stores and Logistics Environment.

The course meets the intent of IOSA (MNT 4.5.6 The Operator shall ensure each maintenance organisation that performs maintenance for the Operator has a training programme that provides for initial and continuation training for receiving inspectors) and Part 145 Stores Inspection competency training.

The course is designed for Personnel who are required to manage or operate a store or who are required to accept material into a store.Training Department and other Managers and Quality Audit staff also benefit from attendance at this course.

The following Subjects were addressed:

- Introduction
- Contents
- Abbreviations
- Frequently Asked Questions – review
- Group Exercise
- Safety & Quality System Review – SA, QC, QA & QI
- Principles of an Aircraft Store
- Regulatory Background
- Acceptance of Components as per Part M Subpart E
- ISO – AS9100 Aerospace Standard
- Human Factors and Logistics
- Developing a Fully Compliant Store including Inspection, Storage and Quarantine
- Setting up an EASA Compliant Store Tool Stores and Calibration Criteria
- Storage Conditions Considerations
- How does the Quality System work in the Stores Environment
- Handling and Storage of Chemicals
- SMS Introduction & Components of a SMS System
- Considering the role of the SMS within the Stores environment
- Stores Management Procedures & Processes
- Writing and Developing Procedures
- Group Activity Designing a fully Compliant Aviation Store

See the full content of the training here

About SAS

Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) has built up a genuine reputation for effective consultancy and support together with motivational training which educates and inspires all our delegates with a training program which includes:

- European Aviation Safety Agency EASA
- Federal Airworthiness Authority FAA
- Gulf Civil Aviation Authority GCAA
- Overseas Territory Regulations OTR

Behind Sofema Aviation Services we have over 40 Years industry experience to call on, we are able to help you develop the most appropriate outcomes for your organization. We understand the importance of helping organisations to meet the challenge of managing competence, we work to develop a positive safety culture and deliver improved business performance. Our primary focus is on delivering quality assured support and training services.

What the delegates said about the training:

“Good teaching and guide”

“Short and Precise explanation”

“Extra resource materials, videos, pictures and sharing experience”

“Interacting with trainees to solve and clear out issues”

“Good teaching methods and clear speaking”


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