SAS’ Instructor Abdulltif Al-Husawi Completed a 5-day Aviation Safety Oriented Training Session at Alsalam Aerospace Industries

Abdulltif Al-Husawi – an instructor with more than 20 years of experience in Aviation Safety,  delivered a 5-day training session at Alsalam Aerospace Industries, Saudi Arabia. From January 12 to January 16, 3 separate courses were organized in order to satisfy the requirements of Alsalam Aerospace Industries.

Some additional information on the trainings:

  1. Safety Management Systems Training for Trainers – 3 Days – 12-14.01.2020

Safety Management System Train the Trainer is a highly practical course, and promotes best training practices. It is an industry specific three-day program specifically designed for those who need to manage, or deliver Safety Management System Training.

  1. Safety Management Systems for MRO – 1 Day – 15.01.2020

The need to identify and control risk is key to protecting the organization and this one-day course will provide the delegates with an understanding of how to identify hazards within their own workplace and to evaluate these hazards to produce a risk assessment.

  1. SMS Implementation and Risk Assessment Review – 1 Day – 16.01.2020

A practical assessment of the status of your SMS Implementation, with focus on gap analysis, measurement of current status and practical implementation challenges, including the identification and management of hazards. A full understanding of the current position, identifies the organization focus and considers a road map and time line to achieve the stated objectives.

After the completion of the session, a total of 75 certificates were issued and respectively provided to the delegates previously attended the courses.

What did the delegates say about the training session?

“The instructor has the ability to hold the attention of the students.”
“I am very satisfied with my training experience.”
“Very good presentation of the subject.”
“I was impressed with the instructor’s practical experience and point of view.”
“I am very impressed with the organisation of the course.”

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