Sofema Aviation Services Launches Web Based Training (SASWEB)

Sofema Aviation Services offers Interactive WEB Based Training as an additional opportunity to receive Regulatory and Vocational Training. Supplementing its Classroom and EASAonline Training Programs, called “SASWEB” the interactive Instructor led training delivered through our conferencing software which allows us to support 50 participants to a training event.


Not so long ago all training was instructor led, requiring either the student, instructor or both! To travel to an agreed location – this will continue of course as it serves a specific need, however there are many real advantages to SASWEB including cost and time saving.

Another major advantage is the convenience of being able to follow the program in a more convenient way.

SASWEB is a combination of online and interactive training programs – utilising EASAOnline together with a conference supported virtual classroom experience.

SASWEB utilises the best of both worlds with live instructor and provide real-time virtual classroom interaction. This means your students may be enrolled in dynamic courses which creates exactly the same environment as exists in the classroom.

SASWEB has been developed to differentiate the process from either pure e-learning or fully classroom based. We believe that an added value to SASWEB Virtual Classroom is the opportunity to connect with delegates who are unable to attend a training due to distance, or other factors but still want a real classroom experience and to be able to interact with a knowledge provider.

SASWEB Virtual Classroom is an effective and successful way of bringing the student, the information and the facilitator / instructor together. SASWEB is very simple for the client and starts with course selection from either or

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