July 10, 2023


Leader in aviation training for the past 15 years, Sofema has provided professionals in the field worldwide with its exclusive  Leadership Scholarship Program. Last year we invested over €50,000 in delivering 125  scholarships to empower the next generation of aviation leaders.

Get to know our customers and their successful endeavours.

Sushmita Chanda, a dedicated Quality Engineer with a passion for working in aviation safety and quality, is sharing her experience with the Leadership Program. We asked her a couple of questions :

1. What inspired you to become a Quality Engineer?
Having been in aviation for the last eight years, I have explored and worked in different domains of the industry. Over the years, I have found my passion in working for aviation safety and quality. My role as a Quality Engineer has been quite fulfilling as I get to be more involved in carrying out audits and engineering investigations in the MRO.
2. What skills did you obtain from the Leadership courses, and which of them have proven to be the most useful in your career?

“The programme has a set of different courses which work towards the development of leadership and management skills. I personally found the leadership skills and communication and assertiveness courses to be extremely valuable as these skills are indispensable in any job function irrespective of what industry you are in. It has been quite fulfilling as I get to be more involved in carrying out audits and engineering investigations in the MRO.”

 3. What did you like about our training platform the most?

“The courses were very easy to navigate through and the self-learning aspect was definitely an added bonus. The fact that I could study the modules in my spare time was quite convenient so that I did not have to dedicate specific hours during work time and could instead do it at my own pace. This definitely helped in making the learning experience stress-free and enjoyable. Additionally, the courses were a nice blend of text and video tools which made the presentations more interesting.”

4. How did the Leadership Scholarship help you excel in your career?

“The scholarship program was a great way to develop my soft skills which are extremely vital to a career in aviation, giving me a much better understanding of how to work together with people as a team efficiently and how to handle challenging situations more effectively. It also helped me grow in my role and develop a clearer vision of where I want to be career-wise in the future.”

More details about the Sofema Leadership Scholarship Program:

The successful applicants had the opportunity to benefit from 8 courses and to obtain generated online certificates. The Scholarship contains the following courses :

  • Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development – Leadership Skills
  • Aviation Leadership – Body Language for Executives
  • Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development – Building Competency
  • Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development – Communication and Assertiveness
  • Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development – Public Speaking
  • Aviation Leadership – Developing Teams
  • Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development – Core Principles of Operational Excellence
  • Aviation Leadership – Negotiating Skills

We are grateful for Sushmita`s feedback and experience. Stay tuned for the next edition of our Leadership Scholarship Program at www.sassofia.com and www.sofemaonline.com

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