October 05, 2023


Leader in aviation education for the past 15 years, Sofema Online is providing professionals in the field worldwide with its exclusive Leadership Scholarship Program.  Individuals from various aviation domains have already benefited from our  Program. For a second year, we have invested over €50,000 in the future of aviation leaders. 100 applicants were admitted; some are already practising their newly acquired leadership skills.

Our next Success Story is in line with the main goal the Leadership Program bears – continuity between the generations and the empowerment of future aviation professionals. Meet Lutfi Al-Haddad – a Lecturer on the Aircraft Design module at the University of Technology in Iraq. In his feedback on the Program, he shares how the studies can be implemented on the job, in his teaching practice.

1. How did you find out about the Leadership Scholarship Program?

I have an interest in Aviation across every aspect. For that, I’ve followed a lot of highly prestigious LinkedIn pages, including Sofema and their recent post of selective Scholarship.

2. Which aviation area are you working at  – position/company?

I used to work for Al-Burhan Airways, a previous helicopter transportation company. Now, I work as a University Lecturer at the University of Technology- Iraq, where I lecture on the Aircraft Design module.

4. What can you implement in your working practice from the studies?

As a university lecturer, I can implement the knowledge and teaching methodologies gained from the Leadership Scholarship Program to enhance my classroom practices. This includes incorporating innovative teaching techniques, fostering student engagement, and promoting effective communication to create a more dynamic and enriching learning experience for my students

5 What skills/knowledge did you obtain from the Leadership Program, and which course do you expect to be the most useful in your career?

As a lecturer in Aircraft Design, the Leadership Scholarship Program has equipped me with valuable skills and knowledge applicable to my field. While all the courses were beneficial, I believe that the course will significantly impact my career because it provided insights into optimizing project workflows, managing resources efficiently, and ensuring successful project outcomes. These skills are directly transferable to aircraft design projects, allowing me to streamline the design process, coordinate multidisciplinary teams effectively, and contribute to the advancement of aviation technology.

We are grateful for Lutfi`s feedback and experience.

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