July 28, 2023


Leader in aviation education for the past 15 years, Sofema is providing professionals in the field worldwide with its exclusive Leadership Scholarship Program. Individuals from various aviation domains already benefited from our Program. For a second year, we are investing over €50 000 in the future of aviation leaders. Read more

Get to know our customers and their successful endeavours.

Zaw Mon, an ambitious Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME B2) is sharing his experience with the Leadership Program. We asked him a couple of questions:

1. What inspired you to become a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME B2)?

“My ambition is step-by-step career promotion in the aviation field so from my recent position of  Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME B2)  to Supervisor is very near and upcoming”

2. What skills did you obtain from the Leadership courses and which of them have proven to be the most useful in your career?

“The Sofema Leadership scholarship project inspired and widened my knowledge level effectively.”

3. What did you like about our training platform the most?

“I liked all the functions and aids of Sofema Online Training. Awesome online training server, there was no traffic and delay by using PC or mobile”.

4. How did the Leadership Scholarship help you excel in your career?

“I absorbed and applied the valuable items, do’s and don’t for the exact person and the leader from the Leadership Scholarship. So I do realize that will positively improve and impact my career path”.

We are grateful for Zaw`s feedback and experience.

Pursuing an aviation career? Do not hesitate to excel with Sofema. See more details about the Leadership Scholarship Program:

The Leadership Scholarship consists of the following 8 courses :

  • Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development – Leadership Skills
  • Aviation Leadership – Body Language for Executives
  • Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development – Building Competency
  • Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development – Communication and Assertiveness
  • Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development – Public Speaking
  • Aviation Leadership – Developing Teams
  • Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development – Core Principles of Operational Excellence
  • Aviation Leadership – Negotiating Skills

An online certificate will be generated upon successful completion of each course. Once you have completed all 8 courses, you will have the opportunity to apply for an extra Aviation Future Leaders Scholarship Certificate. The Soft Copy of this certificate will be sent to the email address you’ve registered with.

Be 1 of 100 Future Aviation Leaders: 

Terms & Conditions

  • Applications will be accepted before 21 August 2023
  • There is no charge for successful applicants to enroll in the program. We provide it as a positive contribution to the development of our next generation of Leaders.
  • The selected candidates will be notified via email on 1 September 2023 & will be enrolled at the beginning of the month!
  • The scholarship recipients will have 12 months to complete the program.


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