Steve Bentley on IFA: There is a Looming Shortage of Competent European Aviation Maintenance Staff

Sofema Aviation Services presents Steve Bentley’s consideration regarding the shortage of competent Aviation Maintenance Staff published by IFA

Steve Bentley, CEO of Sofema Aviation Group of Companies with over 45 years of commercial aviation experience, had the pleasure to review the serious issue of the looming shortage of the maintenance staff that is coming on the horizon in his article, distributed by International Federation Of Airworthiness (IFA).

In the introduction, the main focus was on the fact that the underlying shortage of competent aircraft mechanics and competent certifying staff will continue to be felting throughout the industry and will undoubtedly hurting our industry financially. It was pointed out that training for ab-initio and entry-level staff is not sufficiently high on the agenda of most organisations and sometimes does not appear on the agenda at all.

The article continued with an overview of the manpower shortages which we are facing, and the importance of training which lack has the potential to leave technical staff unable to engage at the correct level. (There was pointed out an example of a potentially fatal accident to an Airbus A321 Read here)

Finally, Bentley reviewed the areas of potential improvement and finished with this conclusion:

“This is a multifaceted problem and so any solution will not be out of the box.

Firstly the manpower problem is not recognised at the highest level.

Secondly, formal analysis of the magnitude of the problem is not underway

Thirdly funding required for essential training is not available

Fourthly the culture of box-ticking will lead to incidents & accidents”

You can read the whole article by clicking here

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