Steve Bentley Performed Advanced Quality Auditing Training Session at SAS Facilities

Steve Bentley – CEO and Instructor of Sofema Aviation Services with more than 45 years, experience in Civil Aviation working in Maintenance and Operations compliance oversight and more than 25 years’ experience working in, Promoting and auditing the European Aviation Regulatory Environment, had the pleasure to deliver EASA Compliant Advanced Quality Auditing Recurrent – 2 Days training in Sofema Aviation Services facilities.

The session started on December the 3rd and finished on December 4th 2019 with excellent feedback given by the participants:

“Good explanation of QA/QC and how these can be used to improve the business”
“Very good content of the course. Well explained with a lot of personal examples”
“Great communication between the instructor and delegates”
“The relation between QC/QA+ SMS ant the overall auditing process was most useful”
“The instructor knows how to do good interaction with the students”


About the Session:

All 7 delegates successfully completed the training session and learned how to re-enforced a comprehensive understanding of the requirements for both the QA & SMS systems including an understanding of the different types of audit applicable for each area.

The Course was also focused on the need of the Quality Assurance Department to support the organisation objective of multiple compliances across a range of standards.

About Sofema Aviation Services:

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