What is the Sofema Online Continuous Airworthiness Learning Diploma?

Interview with Steve Bentley CEO of Sofema Group of Companies

What is the Idea of a Learning Diploma?

Well, we wanted to provide an opportunity for a range of CAMO related training courses to be made available in one package at the lowest possible delivery price and we believe we have done this.

We are extremely pleased that we are able to offer a package of 13 separate training courses – each of which has been delivered in the classroom (for a total of around 20 Days) and to make this available for around the same cost as a single 1-day course provided by our competitors.

How does it differ from “other” online CAMO Training?

Quite simply we believe we have the largest collection of available courses including, for example, Part M with voice over as well as 5 separate Maintenance Planning Courses also with voiceover, really this is an incredible opportunity for anyone looking to step up in the CAMO environment.

What does the program consist of?

It consists of 13 separate courses each of which is completed by taking an online examination. As an additional feature when you can evidence that you have passed all separate examinations, we will issue you with a Diploma of Completion

a) Part M Regulations with Voice Over

b) Maintenance Planning Full Package (5 separate courses in 1 package)

c) Technical Records

d) EASA Part 21 Review for CAMO Staff

e) Developing an Effective Reliability Program Essentials

f) Introduction to Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) and Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

g) Maintenance Error Management System & MEDA Training Program

h) Engine Condition Trend Monitoring

i) RVSM Continued Airworthiness & Maintenance Practices


Who will benefit from this course?

Essentially anyone who works in the CAMO environment includes Planning / Technical Records / Reliability / Engineering / Quality Assurance / Continuing Airworthiness Management & Maintenance Control.


What is the benefit of the program?

a) To be able to demonstrate you have completed a significant amount of detailed training directly related to regulatory compliance within the CAM area.

b) To demonstrate a high level of supplemental – “vocational training” which grows your knowledge and industry awareness in your chosen field

c) To be able to seek employment opportunities with the knowledge that you have expanded your basic education.

d) To have the confidence to be able to engage in technical and regulatory conversations related to the subject matter.


What is the cost of the training program for the CAMO Diploma?

Normal Price when undertaken individually = 1005 USD

Special Price to obtain your Diploma with Sofema Online Learning Development = 645 USD (Introductory Offer Normal Price 750 USD)

Equal to 3 monthly payments of 215 USD


How can I enrol?

Email online@sassofia.com now to request details, payment instructions and an enrolment form.