September 17, 2018


Where Can I prepare for EASA 145 / EASA 147 Instructor Skills?

How Can receive the Basic Education to deliver EASA Compliant Training?

Preparation for EASA Part 145 and EASA Part 147 Instructors with SofemaOnline

Detailed Training Program Now Available through SofemaOnline

EASA Part 145 / 147 Instructor Techniques Course Train the Trainer

SofemaOnline offers what we believe is the most comprehensive online learning experience to engage the trainer and to prepare him or her for the classroom experience.

Based on our 5 Day classroom program – this course takes the student through essential areas of Instructor / Student Engagement.

If you want to understand what are the best practices which will make you Stand out from the Crowd as an Instructor – this is the course for you.

What is the Benefit of this Training – What will I learn?

a) Understand the structure, composition and impact of EASA Part 147 & Part 66 Regulations

b) Considering the need for EASA 145 Organisation Training

c) Understand the Adult Learning Experience – Andragogy

d) Understand the best use of instructional tools and techniques to enhance instruction

e) Understand techniques to optimize and deliver practical presentations

f) Focus on the development of your communication skills.

g) Learn how to create a lesson plan that incorporates the range of learning activities

h) Developing effective visual aids and supporting materials

i) Developing Course Material and delivering an effective Training Needs Analysis

J) Learn how to motivate participants and to maintain attention

k) How to ensure participants active involvement throughout the training.

l) Consider group learning and collaborative learning techniques.

m) Stay up to date with industry instructional techniques

n) How to manage difficult students and topics

What is in the training? – a detailed overview of the modules

1. General Introduction

2. Understanding the Structure, Composition and Impact of EASA Part 147 & Part 66 Regulations

3. Considering Management Issues related to the need for EASA 145 Organisation Training

4. Management and Oversight issues related to EASA Part 147 (Type & Basic) & Part 145 Training

5. Considering the different Roles of Instructor & Assessor Theoretical & Practical

6. The Challenges of Training an Adult Group – the Adult Learning Experience – Andragogy

7. Delivering Effective Training – Personal Considerations

8. The 145 Maintenance Trainer’s Learning Path

9. Introduction to Student Learner Styles

10. Introductions Icebreakers and Warm Ups

11. Arousal & Learning – Maslow Basic Needs

12. What is Motivation – How to encourage

13. Creating a Positive Learning Atmosphere

14. Understanding the Role of Extrinsic & Intrinsic Motivation

15. Developing the Aviation Training Program – Practical Considerations

16. Organisational Safety Culture and the impact on Adult Training

17. Curriculum Design to comply with Andragogical Principles

18. Learn how to motivate participants and to maintain attention

19. Designing your own Presentation – Principles and Fundamentals

20. Communicating – Verbal & Non Verbal

21. Giving Feedback , How When and Where

22. Speaking in Public– Developing your Skills

23. Balancing Presentation, Motivation, Debate & Discussion

24. Relationship Management and Emotional Intelligence

25. Where do we use Coaching Skills & What is Facilitation?

26. The Use of Case Studies

27. Designing your own Course Material

28. Performing an effective Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

29. Lesson Planning

30. Why Do we have Human Factor Training?

What to do next?

Either enrol yourselves through PAYPAL for an immediate start or contact for more details


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