SAS Offers 2 day Quality Assurance in a Maintenance Environment Training in Abu Dhabi, November 8th – 9th 2015

With more than 40 years of regulatory experience the team at Sofema Aviation Services works closely with our clients to produce both high-level EASA and UAE GCAA regulatory compliant training courses.

This course is aimed at aviation professionals who are seeking to embrace a Maintenance Auditing Role. The course delivers an in depth understanding of the background to compliance management and auditing, auditing techniques and behaviours receive an in depth and practical coverage.

The course will be delivered in Hotel Novotel Abu Dhabi Gate.

Subjects covered include:
- Abbreviations
- Introduction & the challenges of Effective Compliance Auditing
- Regulatory Frame Work
- The Role of Compliance Auditing within a Part 145
- Airworthiness Principles
- QMS & SMS relationship
- Compliance Manager Responsibilities
- Post Holder Responsibilities and Relationships
- Managing Auditor competency Learning Path Development
- Accidents and Incidents the link to Safety and Human Factors
- The role of MEMS – Internal Reporting Systems
- Beyond Compliant Audit Programs
- Auditing Introduction
- Audit Processes how to be Effective
- Advanced Auditing Techniques
- Audit planning – development of audit check lists
- Carrying out an Audit
- Using psychological tool
- Dealing with Situations
- Effective Audit Communication
- Managing meetings to open and close the audit
- Effective Report writing
- Creating Corrective Actions
- Root cause analysis
- Management Evaluation

What delegates say about this training course?
“Great Presentation Skills”
“Attention to each Question”
“Relating the regulations to real situations”
“Good sharing of experiences”
“Relating each topic through experience”
“Good Preparation of Slides and Video”
“Good Presentation of Root Cause Analysis and Sample Incidents”
“Relating Course Content with examples and Incidents”
“Good explanation of auditing techniques and methods”
“Clear Loud & Interactive”

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To register for this training, please email or Call +359 (0) 2 821 08 06