October 17, 2014


Lets start by considering the various tasks, roles and responsibilities which a Tech Records administrator may be tasked with as part of their normal duties

a) Maintain and manage any records associated with the maintenance management or operation.

b) Liaise with the Stores inspector regarding the management of components and the control of Form 1’s for fitted components.

c) Raise, Issue and Distribute end of month status and engineering reports.

d) Liaison with Maintenance Planning and Engineering Departments in particular in respect of component configuration and status.

e) Support the performance of Airworthiness Reviews (ARC) process to ensure correct availability of back to birth records for Continuing Airworthiness.

d) Importation and Exportation of Aircraft Technical Records as required.

e) Perform QC Data checks of the various information’s which managed by the Technical records office and resolve any ambiguities, technical or other problems from Engineering, Operations and Crew.

f) General and administrative support to Engineering for additional support tasks for example management of Calibration and or servicing records of Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

g) Support for the Quality Department to track and manage Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Licenses (LAME) and Organisation Company Approval as appropriate.

h) Perform Training and Mentoring to Technical Records support staff and junior administration staff regarding the correct functioning of the organisations procedures.

And what else? Can you think of other tasks or activities which may be undertaken?

Ensuring the correct compilation of Aircraft Technical Records is essential, whether we are talking about operators or maintainers the need to ensure correct management and retention of technical records is paramount. Moreover we should not underestimate the fact that the value of the aircraft requires that we ensure the correctness of the technical records.

An essential element of ensuring competence within the tech records process is to make sure that all stakeholders in the process have a thorough knowledge of the specific roles and responsibilities. In this way we can maintain the highest standards throughout the process.

The requirement concerning data records integrity is a requirement for aircraft owners to heed as well as the Continuous Airworthiness Management Organisation CAMO. Correct records are in fact a pre requisite to continuance of the Certificate of Airworthiness of the aircraft.

As already identified we now know that the regulatory requirements concerning continuing airworthiness records may be found in CAR M / Part M – MA305. The obligation is to update the continuing airworthiness records within 30 days of the maintenance activity.

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