October 08, 2018


Considerations related to ICAO Annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation – Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation Part 1

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The causes of an aircraft accident or serious incident must be identified in order to prevent repeated occurrences.

The identification of causal factors is best accomplished through a properly conducted investigation with the ultimate objective being prevention.

Annex 13 provides the international requirements for the investigation of aircraft accidents and incidents serving as a reference document for people around the world who may be called on, often without any lead time, to deal with the many aspects involved in the investigation of an aircraft accident or serious incident.

The Annex identifies the rights and responsibilities of the various States who are stakeholders in the accident or incident “event”

Stakeholders Include the following:

State of Occurrence;

State of Manufacture (As well as the state of the Design)

State of Registry;

State of the Operator;


Introduction and Associated Documents – Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation

Developed by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), the International Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS) contained in the nineteen Technical Annexes to the Convention on International Civil Aviation (also called Chicago Convention) are applied universally and produce a high degree of technical uniformity which has enabled international civil aviation to develop in a safe, orderly and efficient manner.

The international character of civil aviation necessitated the development of law that would make sure that any accident or incident of an aircraft anywhere in the world would be subject of investigation.

According to the provisions laid down in ICAO Annex 13 to the International Civil Aviation Convention – Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation, States shall investigate or delegate the investigation of accidents which have occurred in their territory.

Serious incidents should be investigated by States or by other organizations, such as dedicated accident/incident investigation bodies or aviation service provider organizations.

Process Delivery

When an accident happens involving an international civil aviation flight, Annex 13 sets out the rules on the notification, investigation and reporting of the accident.

It sets out the rights on who should conduct the investigation, which are the parties who can be involved, what rights does each party have, how should the investigation be conducted, and how the final results should be reported.

Annex 13 also states that the sole objective of the investigation of an accident or incident is to prevent accidents and incidents and that the investigation is not to apportion blame or liability.

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