Direktorat Navigasi Penerbangan chose Sofema Aviation Services for delivering an Air Navigation Services (ANS) Training

Sofema Aviation Services had the pleasure to deliver 3 day EASA Quality Assurance Auditing Introduction for Air Navigation Services (ANS) training for Direktorat Navigasi Penerbangan.
More than 60 delegates joined our EASA Quality Assurance Auditing Introduction for Air Navigation Services training. Five sessions were delivered at Direktorat Navigasi Penerbangan facilities, Jakarta, Indonesia, by our trainer Mr. Albert Fyfe.

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About the training: 

The course is for anyone with an interest to get deeper into ANS auditing within an EASA context.

Basically the course will be of interest from new entrants in ANS Quality Auditing, through to Accountable Executives and Post Holders who need a deeper understanding of Individual and Organisational Obligations.

Consider that EASA regulatory requirements related to Quality Auditing is the starting point – The real advantage is understanding in detail how we can make the QA audit program work for the organisation in a meaningful way.

The training covers the following subjects:

- EASA Regulatory Frame Work Review related to ANS,QA & QC Roles and Responsibilties.
- Terms
- EASA Regulatory Frame Work Review related to ANS
- Compliance Monitoring Principles and Practice
- The Difference Between Compliance, Performance & Safety Auditing
- Audit Preparation and Planning
- QMS & SMS Relationship Challenges and Misconceptions
- Dealing with Specific Challenges within your Quality System
- Auditor Competency and Development Issues
- Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities of ANS Business Managers
- Understanding the Psychology of an Aviation Auditee
- Audit Checklists Management, Development and Validation –Use of Checklists during the Audit
- Developing a checklist – workshop activity

About SAS

Launched in March 2008 Sofema Aviation Services – Our Motto is Delivery Beyond Compliance we are based in Sofia, Bulgaria, SAS is a Global, Professional, Airline, MRO and Ground Operations, Support, Consulting and Training Company.

Behind Sofema Aviation Services we have over 40 Years industry experience to call on, we are able to help you develop the most appropriate outcomes for your organization. We understand the importance of helping organisations to meet the challenge of managing competence, we work to develop a positive safety culture and deliver improved business performance. Our primary focus is on delivering quality assured support and training services.

What the delegates said about the training:

“Answered all the asked questions in details and gave us good real life examples”
“Good knowledge and experience ”
“The instructor is very experienced and knowlegeable”
”Great open discussion, useful inputs from previous work experience”
“Extraordinary presentation skills”
“A lot of practical examples were given”
“ The instructor has the ability to get trainees attention“

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