Managing Organisational Competency – Considering the Challenges for QA Assessment

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What Do We Mean By Competence?

Competence is the ability of an individual to perform a task correctly.

Competence may be considered as a combination of knowledge, skills and behaviour (Attitude) used to improve performance.

So to be competent a person needs to be able to interpret a situation or task in the correct context and to be able to assess and perform or accomplish the task in the most appropriate way.

In general, competency should grow over time through experience and will also depend of course on the extent of an individual to learn and adapt.

A question to Ask?

Have the Training Needs of every position been Identified and Agreed?

To perform an analysis to ensure that each position has been assessed for the appropriate training, In respect of basic, current and ongoing training needs.


……………………… will do this in your organisation?

The Goal is to ensure a common standard throughout the organisation.

The Training needs analysis and management process shall be subject to audit so needs to be a controlled and repeatable process

In addition, the entire process should be documented to allow the benchmarking of the “standard”

To both support effective oversight of the process and to facilitate the independent Quality Assurance Auditing.

Questions to Ask?

Has the Organisation documented in an effective way a process that satisfies all the Regulatory Requirements?

Is this process documented in a clear way with the information available to all concerned persons.?

Who is responsible for the Procedure & Process? (Are they fully engaged?)

How is it (the process) kept up to date and managed?

How to Check!

Follow the process through, from the identification of selected personnel to the completion of the Competence Assessment Form.

Competence Assessment Process to Include:

a) Theory review, which will give you an indication as to whether the person has retained the information from their training and the conviction to dictate the required course of events.

b) Practical review to assess whether they can undertake the task or tasks required

c) Attitude review – Willingness to engage Competence Assessment Process to Include

Competency Audit Check List Contents:

1/ Identification and management of personnel to be assessed

2/ Assessment Procedures

3/ Evaluation system

4/ Training Process Driven from Competency Assessment

5/ Management of Qualifications

6/ Ongoing Supervision of the Competence Assessment Process

7/ Selection and Approval of Assessors

8/ Effective Implementation

9/ Examination

10 / Overall Management of the Competency System

11/ Review of Assessment Records for completeness and conformity

12/ Review of all Documentation used to manage Competence offers additional EASA compliant regulatory and vocational online training including Quality Auditing – for details please see the website or email