Advanced Training for Airport X-ray Screeners – 5 Days

Introduction –

The course follows on from the basic screener’s course. It is designed to enhance the skills of the passenger, hold and cargo screener. This is designed to be enhance the skills of the screener. To follow from the practical training additional advanced training can either taken via the web or installed on the company servers. It allows all x-ray screeners access 24/7 to participate in additional accredited training.

Detailed Content / Topics – The following Subjects will be addressed –

Day 1

1. Describe the course aims, structure and methodology
2. Specify the nature of the threat against the air transport industry
3. Define the role of the screener
4. Define the responsibilities of the screener
5. The role of the passenger/cargo screener
6. Safe use of x-ray machines/Safety checks
7. IID & IED recognition
8. How to use the operational keys
9. Image enhancement functions
10. Ensuring Operational Effectiveness of Equipment
11. Apply appropriate procedures in the event on non-availability or failure of security equipment

Day 2

1. X-Ray theory
2. X-Ray theory test
3. Detection of prohibited articles and suspicious signs
4. The organisation and operation of the screening facility
5. Communication between team members
6. Role and responsibilities of the supervisor
7. How to use the operational keys
8. Image enhancement functions
9. Safety checks

Day 3

1. Method of concealment
2. Dangerous goods recognition
3. Authenticate prohibited items, dangerous articles and substances.
4. Introduction to ETD
5. Introduction to EDS
6. Introduction to computer based x-ray screeners training

Day 4

1. Practical sessions
2. Visit to screening facility

Day 5

1. Evaluate the training activities of the course.
2. Participate in closing ceremony.
3. Certificate Presentations

Target Groups –

The target population will be new and existing personnel who have completed the basic level for x-ray screeners employed by the authority or organization primarily responsible for the application of aviation security preventative measures at airports and from such other aviation related agencies engaged in support activities.

Pre-requisites –

Trainees should satisfy the following criteria:

a) Have satisfactorily completed secondary school or equivalent education; and
b) Have written and oral command of the language of instruction.

Learning Objectives –

The course has been designed to enable selected security screener personnel to:

Understand the basic concepts of x-ray screening;

b) To be able to conduct the daily STP test;

c) Understand the limitations of the various screening methods;

d) Communicate and cooperate with other airport agencies;

e) Recognize weapons and explosive/incendiary devices;

f) Inspect/screen/search passengers, baggage, cargo;

g) Explosive Trace Detection systems

Duration –

5 Days – Each training day will commence at 09.00 and finish at 17.00, with appropriate refreshment breaks.

To register for this training, please email or Call +359 28210806

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