Aircraft Documentation Management and Technical Librarian Training Course – 1 Day


The management of technical manuals and documents related to the establishment & maintenance of the aircraft, as well as the continued demonstration of organisation compliance with regulatory requirements is of critical importance to the success of the organisation.

Without an ability to adequately demonstrate control of the approved data and other associated documentation the organisation may be in jeopardy regarding the integrity of the approval granted to the organisation.

The Technical Librarian ensures that all publications and libraries required for the operation of the airline or Aircraft Maintenance Facility are and remain current.

The Technical Librarian also ensures the distribution of amendments to all manuals, which are tracked and accounted for. To be able to receive and categorize documents, such as but not limited to, Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins AMM, IPC, SRM, CMM, Wiring Diagram, Illustrated Tools, FCOMs and related flight operation documents such as Bulletin, TRs, OEBs & Equipment List, Flight Manuals, Weight and Balance manuals, Product Standards, Material Standards, Process Standard, Engineering Drawing, EO’s, Supplement Manuals, Service Letters, Type Certificate Data Sheets, Supplemental Type Certificates as well as any other material specified by the organisation.

Who is the course for?

The course is aimed for anyone who’s organisational role includes the need to create and manage technical and other documentation on behalf of an aviation organisation. The course also looks at the need to engage with both EASA and FAA Websites for technical information.

What is the Benefit of this Training – What will I learn?

a) Gain an Introduction to the Documentation used in Support of Aircraft Operations and Maintenance

b) Understand how to organize, manage, and maintain all document storage in accordance with regulatory requirements

c) How to maintain master log of all manuals, including electronic & Troubleshoot and investigate problem/missing paperwork

d) How to access FAA & EASA Website for Technical Information

Detailed Content / Topics – The following Subjects will be addressed

  • Introduction to the Role of an Aviation Technical Library
  • Contents
  • Common Abbreviations their Context and Meaning
  • Typical Duties of an Aircraft Technical Library Manager
  • Introduction to ICAO
  • Federal Aviation Regulations – Introduction
  • EASA Regulatory Background – Introduction
  • Managing an Aircraft Technical Library System
  • Company Manual Example Structure
  • Airworthiness Directives
  • Introduction – Service Information SIL SB VSB
  • Instructions for Continued Airworthiness
  • Documentation Standards
  • Developing & Authoring Aviation Maintenance Technical Procedures
  • Control & Distribution of Aviation Technical Notices and Bulletins
  • Developing & Authoring Aviation Maintenance Technical Procedures

Target Groups

This course is aimed at all Aviation Technical and other Engineering Staff who are required to manage Technical Documentation or to Implement a Technical Library.


Attendance to this course assumes an understanding of English Language and an awareness of the general structure of technical documentation typically used in support of Aviation Operations and Technical Support.

Learning Objectives

To be able to set up and run an Aviation Technical Library and gain familiarity with FAA & EASA Documentation.

What do People Say about Sofema Aviation Services Training?

“This training offers very good explanations of difficult topics.”
“All aspect were useful, the examples were great.”
“This training helped me to develop some new skills.”
“The instructor is very resourceful and intelligent.”
“Having a visual material helps a lot the learning process.”


1 Day – Start at 09.00 and finish at 17.00 with appropriate refreshment breaks.

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