Certification Specification 25 (CS 25) Introduction for CAMO Staff – 2 Days


This intensive course which is delivered over 5 days provides delegates with a deep understanding of the Regulatory processes associated with Certification Specification – CS 25 Large Aircraft. The course provides the delegates with a basic knowledge of the typical certification processes related to large airplanes. It reviews the regulatory background driven by ICAO, JAA, FAA, and EASA.

Who is the course for?

The training is designed for personnel involved in the design of changes to Type Certificates (TC), Restricted Type Certificates (RTC), or Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) within the Design Organisation (DOA). It is also suitable for individuals intending to apply for minor changes and those involved directly or indirectly with the System Safety Assessment process in the field of turbine-powered large airplanes.

What is the Benefit of this Training – What will I learn?

a) To achieve a significant awareness regarding the working mechanics of the certification and regulatory environment leading to improved performance and organisational benefits in your effectiveness.
b) Gain awareness of Due Process and the ability to manage Airworthiness Contract and Subcontract Activities.
c) Understand in detail the Certification Process related to Large Turbine Powered Aeroplanes
d) Use the regulatory information to document and demonstrate compliance
e) Use the regulatory information to document and demonstrate compliance
f) To Understand the Safety Assessment Process Related to CS25-1309

Detailed Content / Topics – The following Subjects will be addressed

Definitions & Abbreviations
Airworthiness System Considerations
Design Aspects of Airworthiness
EASA Change Product Rule
Introduction to Aircraft Certification Specification CS 25
CS25 Airworthiness Code (Certification Specification)
CS 25 – Safety Assessment CS25-1309
Developing & Managing Instructions for Continued Airworthiness ICAW
CS 25 Appdx H – Instructions for Continued Airworthiness
Subpart B – Flight
Structure General Introduction
CS-25 Subpart C – Structure
Subpart D – Design and Construction
CS-25 Subpart F – Equipment
EASA CS 25 Instrument & Electrical System Considerations
CS-25 Subpart G – Operating Limitations and Information
CS 25 Subpart H Electrical Wiring Interconnect Systems (EWIS)
CS 25 Appdx R – HIRF environments and equipment HIRF test levels
Current Certification Issuers and Challenges
Cabin Refurbishment and LOPA Changes Considerations
Cabin Repair & Refurbishment Considerations and Certification Requirements

Learning Objectives

To equip the delegates with a basic understanding related to the certification requirements for turbine-powered large airplanes. Additionally to understand how to demonstrate compliance with the certification specification.

Target Groups

The course is intended for personnel involved in the design of changes to TC, RTC, or STCs in the Design Organisation (DOA), or individuals intending to apply for minor changes. The course is also suitable for persons involved directly or indirectly with the System Safety Assessment process.


Familiarity with terminologies and concepts of design and initial airworthiness.

What do People Say about Sofema Aviation Services Training?

“I found satisfying answers to all my questions.”
“The instructor demonstrated very deep knowledge of the subject.”
“The length of the course fit my needs and expectations.”
“The content was really effective, I gained a lot of new knowledge.”
“The practical examples were perfectly delivered.”


2 days – Start at 09.00 and finish at 17.00, with appropriate refreshment breaks.
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