European Cargo Security Essentials for Executives and Managers: Level 3 (part 1) – 2 Days

Introduction –

JP International Aviation Security Ltd is a security aviation training company based in the United Kingdom. JP-IAS was established in 2001 and since has become one of the leading aviation training and management consultancy companies. Since forming we have gained a large client base throughout the UK, Europe and other continents. Many of these clients return for repeat business and we have built special relationships with many of them.

The course will focus on the regulations as laid down by ICAO, UK and EU. The course gives the delegate regulatory knowledge to allow them to carry out their duties efficiently and with confidence whilst allowing the day to day operations to run with minimal disruption.

Worldwide airlines deliver over 52 million tonnes of cargo every year. The security of Air Cargo is a high priority globally. The course is designed to aid staff in dealing with the acceptance, screening, storage and transportation to ensure no prohibited articles are contained are introduced in air cargo.

The training will provide delegates an understanding of their roles and responsibilities, allowing them to develop their skills for future higher security management positions.

Target groups –

Cargo Handling Companies, Airline Cargo Employees, Security managers and their deputies.

Pre-requisites –

A background in the aviation environment.

Learning Objectives –

Air Cargo Security. Level 3 (part 1)

– To enable warehouse staff, supervisors and managers to be reasonably sure that cargo intended for carriage by civil aircraft does not contain prohibited articles.
– To enable staff too effectively use x-ray machines whilst conducting screening of cargo as well as hand searching and the use of ETD equipment in their daily duties.
– Recognition Firearms and Explosives.
– To understand the UK and EU regulations regarding secure cargo.
– The acceptance and dispatching of air cargo.
– The UK and EU methods of screening air cargo.
– Why cargo is a more attractive target.

Duration –

2 days. An overview of the above training. Each day will commence at 09:00 and finish at 17:00, with appropriate refreshment breaks.

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