EWIS for Groups 3 – 6 – 1 Day


EWIS Training – Electric Wiring Interconnect System Training is offered as one-day training which covers a detailed understanding of the specific requirements, but note that it is required to develop this training further within your organization particularly to reflect your aircraft types and wiring practices. Effective: 05/09/2008 Ref AMC 20-21 AMC 20-22 AMC 20-23 Annex III to ED Decision 2008/007/R of 29/08/2008.

Who is the course for?

The course is for individuals who are involved in the maintenance, installation, and repair of the electrical wiring interconnect systems of larger and more complex aircraft. This may include technicians, mechanics, engineers, and other professionals who are responsible for ensuring the safe and reliable operation of advanced electrical systems in modern aircraft.

Specifically, this training program is intended for personnel who work on aircraft in Groups 3 through 6, as defined by the FAA. These groups include larger transport aircraft, such as regional jets, narrow-body airliners, wide-body airliners, and very large transport aircraft.

What is the Benefit of this Training – What will I learn?

The training is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of maintaining, repairing, and inspecting the electrical wiring interconnect systems of larger and more complex aircraft. It will provide participants with a thorough understanding of the principles and practices of maintaining and repairing complex electrical wiring interconnect systems, which are critical components of modern aircraft.

Detailed Content / Topics – The following Subjects will be addressed

– Introduction
– Acronyms
– Terminology
– EWIS Background
– Why are we training EWIS?
– Swissair 111 / BA 737-436, G-DOCH
– AMC 20-21
– Development of EWIS Inspection
– AMC 20-8 – Mandatory Reporting
– Standard Practices
– Tools Special Tools & Equipment
– LRU Replacement General Practices
– Understanding and Using Chapter 20
– Inspection
– Zonal Areas of Inspection and Levels
– Inspection of Aircraft Electrical Bonding & Grounds
– EWIS Areas of Concern
– Housekeeping
– Inspection of Wiring

Target Groups

People that are involved in Aircraft carrying more than 30 Pax or 7500 lb of Freight and work for:
– Large Aircraft AOC Holders
– EASA Part M Subpart G Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations
– EASA Part 145 Maintenance Organisations


A background in an aviation environment.

Learning Objectives

After attending this course, participants should be able to understand the specific requirements, having in mind that it is required to develop this
training further within its organization particularly to reflect the organization’s aircraft types and wiring practices.

What do People Say About Sofema Aviation Services Training?

“The material of the course would be very useful for my future practices.”
“Great examples are given by the instructor.”
“I think this course was very interesting and useful.”
“The learning climate was really good and appropriate”


1 day – The training will commence at 09.00 and finish at 17.00, with appropriate refreshment breaks.

To register for this training, please email office@sassofia.com or Call +359 28210806

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