Extended Range Twin-Engine Operations Performance Standard (ETOPS)– 1/2 Day


ETOPS applies to twins on routes with diversion time more than 60 minutes at one-engine-inoperative speed. For rules that also cover more than two engines, as in the case of the FAA.

There are different levels of ETOPS certification, each allowing aircraft to fly on routes that are a certain amount of single-engine flying time away from the nearest suitable airport. For example, 180 minutes.

ETOPS (Extended-range Twin-engine aircraft Operations,) is a “Performance Standard” and is of relevance to several key roles within the including Pilots, Operations Staff and Maintenance Engineers.

The course delivers a comprehensive understanding of ETOPS fundamentals, focusing on key topics and concepts.

The key requirements call for special consideration to ETOPS Operations Procedures and Maintenance Tasks.

It is most important for Maintenance Staff to be familiar with all associated ETOPS Procedures.

This course focuses on the need for all “stakeholders” including Operations Staff, Maintenance Staff, Operating Aircrew and Airworthiness Regulators. It will also be relevant to Quality Assurance Staff.

Who is the course for?

The Extended Range Twin-Engine Operations Performance Standard (ETOPS) – 1/2 Day course is designed for individuals who are involved in flight operations, maintenance, and planning for twin-engine aircraft that are intended to operate on extended-range routes. This includes flight crew members, maintenance technicians, engineers, and operations managers.

The course is also suitable for aviation professionals who are responsible for ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements related to ETOPS, including regulatory compliance personnel, safety officers, and other aviation professionals.

What are the benefits of attending this training?

a) Understand the regulatory requirements to control and manage all ETOPS maintenance related elements

b) Be able to Implement Quality Control Process and Procedures related to ETOPS Maintenance & OPS

c) Understand the requirements related to Quality & Safety organisational obligations including Quality Assurance (QA) & Quality Control (QC)

d) Communicate ETOPS requirements and Motivate staff to ensure effective ETOPS system performance

Detailed Content / Topics – The following Subjects will be addressed

-General Introduction
-Abbreviations & Terms
-Introduction to ETOPS
-Annex V –Part-SPA SPA.ETOPS SUBPART F: Extended Range Operations with Two -Engined Aeroplanes (ETOPS)
-EASA AMC 20-6 rev.2 Effective: 23/12/2010
-FAA AC-120-42B –Extended Operations (ETOPS and Polar Operations)
-Regulatory Harmonization
-Type Certification for ETOPS
-ETOPS Operations Approval
-Maximum approved diversion times and time-limited systems capability & Operator’s Approved Diversion Time
-ETOPS Maintenance Considerations
-CMP and ETOPS Aircraft Maintenance Program & Procedures

Target groups

Regulatory Authority Members, Flight Safety Department Managers and Inspectors with operational oversight responsibilities. Operations Accountable Managers and proposed Nominated Persons (NP) Flight OPS, Maintenance Planning (CAMO) and Maintenance OPS (145) , Crew Training and Ground Ops, Compliance Monitoring Managers (Quality Managers) and Auditors, Safety Managers, Flight Safety Officers, Flight Operations Officers and Cabin Crew Management.


A background or understanding of Operations within European aviation will be an advantage.

Learning Objectives

To familiarize current AOC holders and other Operational and Concerned Personnel Maintenance Management & Operations with a detailed understanding of ETOPS Operations Approval and the requirements for an Operator and Maintenance Organisation to remain compliant.


½ day –To commence at 09.00 and finish at 13.00, with appropriate refreshment breaks.
Or to commence at 13.30 and finish at 17.30 with appropriate refreshment breaks.

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